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  1. VNC For Reverse Connect
  2. Microsoft IIS 6.0 WebDAV Authentication Bypass
  3. Script to Find cisco routers with default password(NEO)
  4. Penetration testing - [Story of a sucessfull PT on IBM Tivoli Server]
  5. Decrypting...No..Deobfuscating Cisco IOS Passwords: by neo
  6. Ettercap-NG tool(Wireless Punter)
  7. Dns amplification attack
  8. DNS REBINDING by - Eberly
  9. Nmap Secret Training Videos(Eberly)
  10. SSH Tunneling(Wireless Punter)
  11. Rooting FOR Newbies(WIRELESS PUNTER)
  12. Nmap--step by step--by b0nd
  13. How to proxify your console data--by b0nd
  14. nice use of swiss army knife netcat
  15. Two Factor Authentication at its Best Using OpenVPN
  16. VLAN Hopping
  17. Penetration testing -[MSSQL P4wnage, Hacking/PT Microsoft sql server]
  18. Advance Nmap commands
  19. SAP Penetration Testing
  20. Story of a PoC - F5 BIG-IP Cookie Information Disclosure
  21. McAfee LinuxShield <= 1.5.1 Local/Remote Root Code Execution
  22. Pen Testing a SAP IT Infrastructure
  23. Websphere MQ Fake Message
  24. Exploiting Web Server Directory Traversal Arbitrary File Access
  25. Using Keylogger - diffrent Approach..
  26. Nessus Through SOCKS Through Meterpreter
  27. Chasing Metasploit - Updated
  28. A list of vulnerable apps & tools for pentest practice
  29. Man in the Middling Printers
  30. Comprehensive Password Cracking Guide
  31. Installing NeXpose Community Edition Vulnerability Scanner in BackTrack4-RC2
  32. Nexpose + Metasploit = Shell
  33. SAP Business Objects security flaw
  34. SHODAN : The banner grabbing search engine
  35. want some help with tcp wrapped?
  36. How to set up a pentesting lab
  37. Default password
  38. SCADA/ICS Controllers Insecurity
  39. Penetration Testing Biometrics Systems NullCOn 2011
  40. Web Application Attack and Audit Framework
  41. Cisco IOS Software Checker
  42. What I need from pen test reports
  43. Inguma v.0.3 Released
  44. SMTP based DoS attack : more then just DoS
  45. Network scanning
  46. Integrate Nessus and Metasploit together
  47. Multiple vulnerabilities in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
  48. Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet
  49. Remote Windows SAM Retrieval with VBScript
  50. Getting a DOS prompt on a restricted machine in a minute
  51. TCP port forwarding over multiple ethernet cards (different networks)
  52. Apache Reverse Proxy Bypass
  53. Mega collection of password cracking word lists
  54. Stealing GPS Data from Images in Pentests
  55. Identifying Load Balancers - How to tell if the target host is behind a load balancer
  56. Analysis of a Real JBOSS Hack
  57. Net2SharePwn - SMB Pentest Utility
  58. Nmap NSE Hacking for IT Security Professionals - Presentation
  59. Hacking Oracle Web Applications
  60. "Boot 2 root" update
  61. Pipal, Password Analyser
  62. Metasploit Framework aligned with PTES
  63. Red Teaming with Armitage - Hack as a team tutorial
  64. The Art of Writing Penetration Test Report
  65. Shared hosting MD5 Change Detection Script
  66. Offensive Security Sample Penetration Test Report
  67. Scapy - Cheat Sheet
  68. Netcat cheat sheet
  69. windows privilege escalation via weak service permissions
  70. Introduction to SCADA and pentesting it
  71. PenTest Laboratory - train your pentesting skills with Jeremy Faircloth
  72. From LOW to PWNED
  73. Finding a way through - Defeating expensive lockdowns with cheap shellscripts
  74. 5 Ways to Find Systems Running Domain Admin Processes
  75. Passive network monitoring and forensics analysis by Netsleuth
  76. My journey to OSCP
  77. Bypass a firewall on a server (hints)
  78. Firewalking with nmap
  79. False positive results is an issue for automation penetration test ?
  80. http://www.newclothing2013.com ?????????
  81. nmap NSE documentation
  82. Stealing User Certificates with Meterpreter Mimikatz Extension
  83. Oracle user in passwd with JTR
  84. beignner in network security
  85. pentesting a wireless network
  86. SAP Penetration Testing using Metasploit
  87. Suggest on practice Labs for hacking
  88. Linux server security configuration audit.
  89. OpenVPN, Private Key and Decryption
  90. Nmap Port Scan Differences
  91. Cleanup after pwning linux system
  92. Manually exploiting shellshock Vulnerability
  93. WPA Handshake Crack Help
  94. Nmap Network IP Scanning
  95. mobile detectaion