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  1. Multilevel attack with java applet by Double Zero
  2. Exploit development-Double Zero
  3. Past, Present, Future of Windows Exploitation
  4. Old vul s/w for practicing(Eberly)
  5. Search Engine for Exploits (Godwin Austin)
  6. Learning BufferOverFlow
  7. Windows Link exploit (shortcut file) race condition tackling--"vinnu"
  8. Heap Spray:- Slipping CPU to our pocket--by "vinnu"
  9. Smashing the stack in 2010
  10. Evading AV Signatures...Derailing the Antivirus--"vinnu"
  11. How Shall I learn Exploitation Techniques?
  12. Things to note about DLL Hijacking
  13. Apple QuickTime remote code exec vulnerability..."vinnu"
  14. local buffer overflow, a different scenario
  15. HPP Injection
  16. EXE planting pulling the levers of windows..."vinnu"
  17. Porting Exploits to Metasploit
  18. Alternative JVM Xploit - Exploiting JVM on Chrome - A story
  19. Death of an ftp client / Birth of Metasploit modules
  20. Fusion of Xploits - Multiplexing exploitation
  21. New Windows zero-day flaw bypasses UAC
  22. Microsoft windows SAM flaws
  23. Antivirus/ Firewall Evasion Techniques: Evolution of Download Deploy Shellcode
  24. DLL Injection
  25. Understanding stack overflows!!!!
  26. simple-reverse-icmp-shel Reverse Shelll
  27. Drive-by-Cache & Stearing remote Exploitation locally
  28. How to crash EXPLORER.EXE on all Windows versions
  29. Drive by download Shellcode for win7
  30. ASLR DEP bypassing techniques
  31. Shellcode Anatomy
  32. Advanced Windows Buffer Overflows
  33. Digging Inside VxWorks OS and Firmware - Holistic Security
  34. Exploit Developement through Heap Spray Technique
  35. JBoss Exploitation: Revealing the weakness within
  36. Format String Exploits -- Part1!!!
  37. Shellcoding--Why custom shellcodes can be useful!!!
  38. Very Nice Wiki On Exploit Development and references..
  39. SEH overflow exploit POC
  40. Bypassing HW-DEP on Windows Xp Sp3 !!!
  41. Bypassing Windows 7 Kernel ASLR
  42. MS Patch Tuesday Vs Exploit Wednesday
  43. Exploiting Xion mp3 player -- Using custom unicode decoder
  44. Buffer overflows in malloc space (Basic Heap Overflows) - Part I
  45. Buffer overflows in malloc space (Basic Heap Overflows) - Part II
  46. Windows 8 DEP bypass
  47. A note on Metasploit's EXITFUNC
  48. Heap Spraying Demystified
  49. The Art of Win32 Shellcoding
  50. Reliable Windows 7 Exploitation: A Case Study
  51. A Partial Technique Against ASLR - Multiple O/Ss
  52. Binary Analysis of Oracle Java CVE: 2012-0500 and Alternate Exploitation on Win|Linux
  53. Porting Public exploits to Metasploit.
  54. LFI Exploitation - revealing the working codes --- "vinnu"
  55. Defeating anti viruses with dorky techniques
  56. Google talk - Crash Via Avtar Upload
  57. Anatomy of my first and second 0-day!
  58. Buffer Overflow question
  59. EAX overflow(An Idea)
  60. Exploitation Basics: Two Blogposts
  61. Win7 64bit - NO ASLR/DEP bypass required..."vinnu"
  62. Finding buffer overflow/zero days
  63. web fuzzers in backrack
  64. [ personal knowledge issue] Having trouble compiling this one
  65. Not really exploitable?
  66. IE6 use-after-free PoC
  67. Need Help with String Format Vulnerabilities and Exploitation
  68. Evocam Remote BOF exploit | Mac OS exploitation
  69. Windows 7 64bit exploitation using LdrHotPatchRoutine and bypassing ASLR+DEP
  70. Need help to learn Crash Analysis and Exploitation
  71. Introduction to Windows Kernel Security Research
  72. UAF object poisoning
  73. Fuzzing software and finding a bug that will lead to RCE
  74. Heap Overflow Windows XP SP3/7
  75. How to use CVE-2013-3906
  76. EMET 4.1 simExecFlow
  77. python socket.recvfrom_into() remote buffer overflow
  78. offbyone question
  79. ZCR Shellcoder
  80. Oracle out-of-band release for Java SE Vulnerability
  81. Plugins - SafeSEH, DEP, ASLR, GS for all loaded modules
  82. Checking Executables for ASLR and DEP support
  83. Ruby Documentation for Metasploit msf code development