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  1. Malware Analyser
  2. Different Types of Rootkits
  3. Virus Bulletin comparitive reviews
  4. Bottyscan -- A simple python based PoC IRC bot
  5. Botnet Monitoring
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) based attacks
  7. Malware 2.0 development..."vinnu"
  8. Malware 2.0 development..."vinnu"
  9. Demystifying The Ashi virus
  10. Pushdo / Cutwail Botnet
  11. “Here you have” malware (aka W32/VBMania@MM)-Outbreak
  12. NatSec worm Source code --- Lets discus..."vinnu"
  13. Malware Analysis for beginners
  14. Stuxnet-Under the microscope
  15. Facebook Phishing time!
  16. The Windows System State Analyzer!
  17. Zero Wine: Malware Behavior Analysis
  18. doz.me: The evil url shortener
  19. Stuxnet ms10-073/cve-2010-2743 exploit
  20. Let us develop Artificial Life
  21. JavaScript Botnets
  22. NEED help for CYBERGAT or likewise RAT
  23. Malicious PDF file Analysis
  24. Analysing Malware: A beginners approach :)
  25. Malicious PDF analysis
  26. TDL-4, The Latest Variant of TDSS Rootkit
  27. List of Free Sandboxes for Malware Analysis!
  28. Decoding Malware SSL communications using Burp proxy
  29. SFX package : A good virus handler
  30. Tools, Techniques, Procedures of the RSA Hackers Revealed
  31. Online Web based malware URL Scanner
  32. After Stuxnet, its Duqu now!
  33. Global Security Map
  34. Pwning a Spammer's Keylogger
  35. Performing Android malware analysis
  36. Detecting Known Malware Processes Using Nessus
  37. Tiny banking trojan can do a lot of damage
  38. Blackhole Exploit Kit Gets an Upgrade: Pseudo-random Domains
  39. Fakenet
  40. Malware Hunting with the Sysinternals Tools
  41. Quick utilities for malware analysis
  42. Skype worm analysis
  43. Detecting whether operating system is running in a virtual environment
  44. Deobfuscating Potentially Malicious URLs
  45. The Ultimate thread for Malware repositories
  46. Practical Malware Analysis - labs and fakenet
  47. Analysis of the FBI Tor Malware
  48. Live data visualization of global DDoS attacks
  49. Hunting Beasts..."vinnu"
  50. Malware Emulation - An Introduction
  51. Exploring the Blackhole Exploit Kit by Sophos
  52. Anti-debugging, Anti-evasion and Anti-vm tricks used by malware