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  1. Metasploit Video Tutorials
  2. Zen and the Art of Internal Penetration Testing -- By Core Impact
  3. Web hacking Videos by Joe Hemler
  4. Webcats The New Requirements for Your Network IPS Solutions
  5. Expert Webcast: Detecting,Advanced Threats,Malware with SIEM
  6. BLACK HAT USA 2010 Archieves
  7. Defcon 18 videos and Blackhat USA 2010
  8. Replicating the Gonzalez Cyber Attacks through Penetration Testing
  9. Blue Teams: "Don't Call It a Comeback
  10. Hacking with Copier Machines
  11. Security Videos Collection
  12. Stuxnet Worm Detailed Examination by SANS
  13. What is Cloud Computing
  14. Security In A World Without Perimeters
  15. Building Security into a Web App SDLC
  16. Hardware based BOT
  17. Getting Shell on Android
  18. Pen Testing Perfect Storm VI: "We Love Cisco!"
  19. Independent Security resercher [Funny video]
  20. Top Penetration Testing Techniques from Start to Finish-Webcast
  21. Penetration Testing Your Cloud Environment
  22. How i met your GF : DEFCON 18
  23. Social engineering toolkit and metasploit browser autopwn
  24. OWASP Top 10 Training - FREE
  25. JavaScript Gone Wild
  26. MetaSploit Browser Exploits and Persistent Backdoors
  27. Presentation: Practical Attacks on Web Crypto by @webtonull
  28. Java Applet Attack Evolution with Metasploit
  29. ShmooCon 2012 material
  30. FOSDEM 2012 videos
  31. Fb1h2s Interviewed by Infosecisland
  32. Black Hat USA 2014 videos [Playlist]