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  1. Five members of Pakistani Hacker group 'PakBugs' arrested by government officials.
  2. Cisco Live 2010 attendee list hacked
  3. Researchers use new exploit to bypass 100 percent of tested AV software
  4. Epic - the first-ever web browser for India
  5. Microsoft Confirms Zero-Day Critical Vulnerability
  6. Most Users Remain Vulnerable to Flash Exploits After Upgrading Flash Player
  7. Indian government: At last, we've cracked Blackberry's encryption
  8. Mallya's Website Hacked by Pak Hackers
  9. Indian hackers breach into important Pakistani websites
  10. Again About Ankit Fadia...
  11. Acunetix 7 Released
  12. Critical Vulnerability Silently Patched in Linux Kernel
  13. Malware Conference - Malcon
  14. Information Security And Risk Consulting Global Leaders-Forrester Report Q3 2010
  15. Sites Hosted at Go Daddy Hit by Mass Injection Attack Again
  16. Infosec news via twitter
  17. RIAA, MPAA Websites Pummeled By 4chan’s Wrath
  18. Vulnerability in ASP.NET Could Allow Information Disclosure
  19. New mass spreading worm in orkut
  20. Ankit Fadia hacked by Stranger of Team ICA
  21. Twelve-Year-Old-Awarded-3-000-for-Finding-Critical-Firefox-Flaw
  22. Firesheep's a Huge Hit with Amateur Hackers
  23. Russia Drops Microsoft As National Operating System
  24. ISACA launches Business Model For Information Security
  25. Oracle to acquire e-commerce software maker ATG
  26. w3af new version released
  27. Amazing Facts About Facebook And Breakups
  28. DDoS attacks take out Asian nation - Myanmar fades to black
  29. Hacker Claims Full Compromise of Royal Navy Website
  30. Moneycontrol.com hacked
  31. Go Daddy Offering Website Security Scanning Tool
  32. Remote Code Execution Bug Patched in OpenSSL
  33. Internet Traffic from U.S. Government Websites Was Redirected Via Chinese Networks
  34. Injector database domain issues
  35. Advisory - Microsoft Network Transfer Module Over HTTPS SQL Injection
  36. Zone-H Unbanned in india??
  37. backtrack-4-r2 released
  38. Attack code published for unpatched Stuxnet vulnerability
  39. Vulnerability Research Vendor's Domain Hijacked
  40. Indian Authorities Arrest Four Torrent Uploaders
  41. ProFTPD Servers compromised & Source file backdoored
  42. Yahoo XSS
  43. Google prone to XSS and HTML injection
  44. Website of Central Bureau of Investigation India hacked
  45. China arrested more than 460 Computer Hackers
  46. Wikileaks under heavy attack -- Mass-mirroring Wikileaks
  47. Indian Hacker plants back door in Symbian firmware
  48. Micromax mobile's webiste xssed !
  49. Yahoo Subdomain Sql Injection
  50. Top Cellular Companies Xss :d
  51. Facebook hacker cup competition
  52. The Most Dangerous Man in Cyberspace
  53. "FBI Added Secret Backdoors to OpenBSD IPSEC"
  54. Indian Government Departments Asked to Secure Their Websites
  55. Stuxnet virus has set back the Iranian nuclear program by as much as two years
  56. Stored XSS Vulnerability - Amazon
  57. Buffer Overflow Flaw in Open Source Smart Card Library OpenSC
  58. Over 500 patches for SAP
  59. European Security Agency Publishes Report About the Security Risks of Smartphones
  60. Microsoft Has Released Version 2 of Security Essentials (MSE)
  61. Quikr Classifieds Website XSS Vulnerable
  62. Major VoIP Fraud Gang Dismantled in Romania
  63. New Google Service Identifies Hacked Sites
  64. Facebook updates bug disclosure policy
  65. Gmail Flooding with fake new year lottery
  66. Heartland Hacker Sentenced to 20 years in Prison
  67. Stuxnet worm making its way into India quietly
  68. Chronofeit Phishing
  69. Exploi-db Offensive security Hacked!!
  70. exploited-db ?
  71. Academics claim the chip is 20 times faster than normal CPUsA group of researchers ha
  72. w32 Speaking Shellcode by Skylined
  73. [Xss]Spiceglobal.com
  74. 27C3: GSM cell phones even easier to tap
  75. E-PICKPOCKET : Thieves have new, easier way to steal credit card data
  76. White House Christmas card was hack attack
  77. IBM Developer Community Website Defaced
  78. End of Network Hacking?
  79. API Allows Users to Delete Flash Cookies More Easily
  80. Vodafone Fires Employees After Security Breach
  81. Intruders Accessed Laptops on Bank and Credit Union Network
  82. Microsoft Releases Patches for Three Vulnerabilities
  83. Two Sentenced in Gas Pump ATM Skimming Scheme
  84. KB2264107 Available Through Microsoft Update
  85. Domino’s India confesses “Hack”, User information leaked
  86. New worm hits Twitter, redirects to fake Anti-virus site
  87. Hacked US Government websites sold on underground market
  88. Sniffing KeyStrokes from thin air
  89. Facebook Photo Hack to Watch Anyone’s Private Album
  90. SourceForge hacked again
  91. Microsoft IIS 6 parsing directory Vulnerability
  92. vBSEO - Persistent XSS via LinkBacks
  93. Source Code for Kaspersky Anti-Virus!
  94. India Restricts SMS Sending to Fight Spam
  95. Google/Yahoo and other 920 sites of Bangladesh Hacked by TiGER-M@TE.
  96. Google bets $20,000 you can’t crack into Chrome
  97. Canadian Government’s computer networks compromised by hackers
  98. backtrack-5-screenshots Teaser
  99. Pwn2Own 2011: IE8 on Windows 7 hijacked with 3 vulnerabilities
  100. Robert “RSnake” Hansen, age 34, has passed away, on Facebook
  101. Google exposed for using Linux code in Android
  102. Tumblr mistake or security issue
  103. Hacker group defies U.S. law, defends exposing McAfee website vulnerabilities
  104. RSA Compromised
  105. Vaidehi Sachin's all sites got hacked
  106. Open source DHCP program vulnerable to hack attacks
  107. Stuxnet: Iranian general accuses Siemens of helping U.S., Israel build Stuxnet
  108. Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack
  109. Drive By Cache Attack – A new variant for Drive By Downloads
  110. Top-secret US lab infiltrated by spear phishers – again
  111. Profile visitor spam on Facebook unveiled
  112. Various exploit packs being sold in the underground market
  113. Mac OS X crimeware kit found on underground markets
  114. Payment Gateway CCAvenue owned and exposed
  115. Google Chrome Pwned : VUPEN Releases Chrome 0Day
  116. Cookiejacking Pwned IE All Version
  117. Phishing Sites Hosted on Google's Servers
  118. NIC Hacked By Anonymous
  119. RSA to recall virtually every SecureID token
  120. CTF Writeup's
  121. Nmap celebrates World IPv6 Day
  122. understanding android hacking
  123. Droidkungfu
  124. There Goes Good old Skype (M$ took it)
  125. LulzSec releases data after hacking US Senate and Bethesda Softworks website
  126. Citigroup data theft was a result of a simple vulnerability
  127. Metasploit offers Bounty for Exploits
  128. IBM web application firewall bypass
  129. Hack attack kills thousands of Aussie websites
  130. Australia start Censoring internet next month
  131. DNS agility leads botnet detection
  132. FBI Remotely Uninstalled Coreflood Malware from 19,000 Computers
  133. Site Admin To Pay $185,000 Damages For Providing Keywords
  134. Cant wait to get this - Appfance for Android
  135. Metasploit Bounty : MS11-030: Exploitable or Not?
  136. Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors
  137. Security flaws discovered in Chrome OS
  138. The Two Faces of Hacking
  139. Backdoor found in Vsftpd source code
  140. Android Password Bypass
  141. XSS without Browser - Skype Persistent XSS
  142. Fake WAP pages spreading mobile phishing attacks
  143. Google Chrome Extension Collection for Security Professionals
  144. Songs.pk Hacked By India Team
  145. Lulzsec back on fire!
  146. India, US join hands to tackle cyber crime, develop data sharing platform
  147. remove urls from google index not in your control
  148. htaccess as attack media
  149. Hackers can blow your Apple laptop!
  150. Attackers using DWORD formatted IP addresses in web attacks
  151. EC-Council is organizing a global CyberLympics
  152. edocinU edirrevO tfeL ot thgiR gnisU erawlaM
  153. Facebook releases official Guide to Facebook Security... ATLAST :D
  154. Rank My Hack
  155. Chinese Government Launching Online Attacks
  156. UPnP routers at a big risk
  157. Cleaner installed wiretap to steal card numbers and PIN at Aussie Bank
  158. Pakistan to ban encryption software
  159. Malicious infections enter 99% of enterprise networks
  160. Pirate Bay founders launch new cyberlocker
  161. Another Unicode Trick used in a Trojan
  162. LulzSec's 'Kayla' apparently arrested
  163. Facebook Lawyers Disclosed E-Mail Passwords in Court Filing
  164. Turkish hacking group defaces top firms
  165. RuCTFE 2011 - one more CTF around the corner
  166. SQL injection on HDFC Bank site allowed remote shell access
  167. Malcon 2011
  168. Closed, Says Google, but Shops’ Signs Say Open
  169. Possibility to exploit bash "*" processing
  170. Cyber attack led to IGI shutdown
  171. SecurityTube Wi-Fi Security Expert (SWSE) Certification
  172. Russian Company Adds BlackBerry Password Cracker
  173. 0day Full disclosure: American Express
  174. Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet
  175. Introducing Metasploit Community Edition
  176. New HTTP Status Codes
  177. JBoss Worm
  178. History of Anonymous
  179. Chinese Military Suspected in Hacker Attacks on U.S. Satellites
  180. News maker In love...or in error...handled her account info to h4ck3r5...
  181. Ezine Owned and Exposed - Issue 3 released
  182. PHDAYS CTF Quals & Afterparty (hackquest challenge)
  183. SPY hacker wanted!
  184. iTwin - Secure Data Sharing
  185. C|Net Download.Com is now bundling Nmap with malware!
  186. Become a hacker in 275 Rs
  187. Iranian engineer hijack U.S. drone by GPS hack
  188. Indian Stock market Website hacked, defaced and dataleaked
  189. Probable & serious Indian Intelligence & Military Hack!!!!
  190. US become victim of Indian spy unit, Apple & RIM deny their role !
  191. Feds Shutter Megaupload, Arrest Executives
  192. FBI will Monitor Social Media using Crawl Application
  193. Anonymous Hacks FBI and Records Conference Call
  194. See some l337 hacker defaced which site ;)
  195. BackTrack 5 R2 Released
  196. 1st security researcher earned $60,000 for Google Chrome hack : Pwnium
  197. Microsoft Critial Remote Desktop RDP Flaw
  198. US Army Corps of Engineers Site Easy to Hack, Experts Say
  199. Sky News admits two counts of computer hacking
  200. Web attacks use smart redirection to evade URL security scanners
  201. NASA Closed Security Holes, but XSS Flaws Still Present
  202. Python-based malware attack targets Macs. Windows PCs also under fire
  203. Anonymous hacks Bureau of Justice, leaks 1.7GB of data
  204. Multiply multilingual - Email scams aren't just from Nigeria
  205. Reliance Hacked by Anonymous India
  206. Stuxnet, Duqu and now Flame!
  207. You can be a victim of malicious download!
  208. Google wins, Oracle loses: Java API case closed - for now
  209. 6.5 Million hashed Linkedin passwords leaked
  210. Cleartrip.com Infected with Blackhole Exploit Kit
  211. Evader - world's first Advanced Evasion Technique Testing software
  212. How to gain access to iCloud account via Amazon
  213. Should developers be sued for security holes?
  214. Anonymous breaks into FBI system, steals data of apple device users
  215. BlackHole Exploit kit 2.0 released and being used in wild
  216. Pwnium 2: Full Chrome exploit earns hacker $60,000
  217. 400 million new variants of malware created in 2011
  218. Malcon 2012 - International Malware Conference
  219. Skype Password reset flaw
  220. CTF365 - Next Generation in CyeberWar Game
  221. Researchers warn of malware attack from WordPress exploit
  222. European renewable power grid rocked by cyber-attack
  223. Java 0 day found [Exploit code]
  224. FB Group Hacked By Pakistan cyber army[Help]
  225. [offbeat] Chinese are spying on you!
  226. Hackers Using Brute-Force Attacks to Harvest WordPress Sites
  227. CMS Hacking, A Look Into The ECCouncil Hack
  228. Quick & dirty PoC for Android bug 8219321 discovered by BlueboxSec
  229. ISO 27001 is for Small medium business
  230. MSIE 0-day Exploit CVE-2014-0322 - Possibly Targeting French Aerospace Association
  231. Facebook Account Hack
  232. Operation GreedyWonk: Multiple Economic and Foreign Policy Sites Compromised, Serving
  233. Linux Web Server Security....
  234. Ground Zero Summit September 09–10 2014 Sri Lanka | Call For Paper
  235. Smart meters can be hacked to cut power bills
  236. Help Reuired on Open Source SIEM (OSSIM 4.13)
  237. Messing around with NMDC protocol
  238. Null Chennai Meet on 29th Nov @SETS
  239. Analog Cable Network Hacking
  240. Password disclosure vulnerability (hash) telegrams
  241. Samsung leaks 5x more passwords than iPhone
  242. Infographic: The Size and Scope of Data Breaches in 2015
  243. Is it possible to hack PHP PDO ?