View Full Version : iOpener How safe is your iPhone data?

07-24-2011, 10:44 AM

The greatest current risk for iPhone owners is not viruses or malicious web pages, it is the danger that the phone might fall into someone else's hands. Although iPhones do offer elaborate security mechanisms, these mechanisms won't stand up to an imaginative hacker.

At worst, losing an iPhone also means losing all the data stored on it. And the data won't just be gone it could also be in someone else's hands. This doesn't only affect such readily accessible things as address book entries or stored documents, it also includes passwords and other access codes. For instance, a brief inspection of an iPhone that had been in use for about a year produced various long-forgotten Wi-Fi passwords and the access credentials for email, Facebook, eBay and other accounts.

Since the iPhone 3GS, all device data has been hardware encrypted; the method used is 256-bit AES in cipher-block chaining mode. However, this almost uncrackable encryption technology won't protect users' data, because it doesn't present any access hurdles: The keys that are used are all stored on the device and, in regular operation, the system decodes all data transparently.

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