View Full Version : Android Emulator to inspect app data

Anant Shrivastava
07-25-2011, 01:23 PM
Links : http://labs.securitycompass.com/tools/weaponizing-the-android-emulator-plus-a-new-tool/

This article takes about how android emulator could be used to run applications and how it could be used to bypass simple checks like IMEI number or device id's.

considering app use case of applications providing access to VPN or simmilar corporate lookout.

from the articles itself

The Scenario
Letís consider a sensitive Android application that gives the user access to a secure asset. Think corporate VPN access, email, or a social networking client. An attacker wants to gain access to this sensitive application, preferably without alerting the user that they have been compromised. If an attacker can gain physical access to the phone, they can then do the following:

Steals a legitimate userís phone
Temporarily root it to gain access to the file system
Copy the target applicationís data off
Return the phone to the previous unrooted state (if it was unrooted)
Return the phone to the owner, leaving them oblivious to the fact that their phone was stolen and tampered with
Copy the application to a device owned by the attacker and launch the application from there