View Full Version : HP TouchPad to Android Port: $1500 Prize

08-23-2011, 02:30 PM
As you’re probably aware, the HP TouchPad is now available for $100 – A $400 discount from it’s original price. And let’s be honest, we all want it running Android. So, to speed up the porting process, we’re offering a bounty! With built in Wifi, Bluetooth, etc, it’s a perfect tool for enhancing DIY projects, especially those using the Arduino!

The Hardware
9.7″ screen
1.2 GHz processor
1GB memory
1.3MP camera

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Task Reward Sponsor
Basic Android Port $450 – Increase this amount! Contact us! HacknMod.com
WiFi $350 – Increase this amount! Contact us! Transformative-applications.net
Audio $300 – Increase this amount! Contact us! Linology Networks
Camera $300 – Increase this amount! Contact us! BestOnlineCasinos.org
MultiTouch $100 – Increase this amount! Contact us! StoryBoard Solutions
Individual Contributions $45

How to get the prize ($1500)
Complete one (or several) of the tasks above and let the world know! Post your source code on GitHub and paste links to your pictures and videos in the comments below (or email us). All work must be documented under an open source license. The first person or group to successfully complete a fully functional task above wins the corresponding prize. The only condition is that your port must have a user-friendly installation process (such that the average user can easily install it).

Source (http://hacknmod.com/hack/hp-touchpad-android-1500-prize/)

Anant Shrivastava
08-23-2011, 04:44 PM
on top of this you can now buy Touchpad @ 99 $ for 16GB @ bestbuy. and 199$ for 32 GB.

not sure if they ship to India or not... Would definetely like to experiment with this piece of hardware...