View Full Version : Compiling fuzzer "spike" on Back Track

09-14-2012, 11:28 AM
BackTrack 5 R3 is the latest at the moment. Spike fuzzer resided in /pentest/fuzzers/spike

Commands to compile it:

cd /pentest/fuzzers/spike/src# ./configure
/pentest/fuzzers/spike/src# make

... and you might get presented with loads of error after running "make" :)

Step 1: Configure the source
# ./configure

Step 2: Edit Makefile
Go to line "CFLAGS = -Wall -funsigned-char -c -fPIC -ggdb" and edit it.
Final entry should be:
"CFLAGS = -Wall -funsigned-char -c -fPIC -ggdb -fno-stack-protector" (without quotes)

Step 3: run make clean
# make clean

Step 4: run make
# make

The solution at reference Spike Fuzzer linker errors | Rajat Swarup's Blog (http://www.rajatswarup.com/blog/2008/04/29/spike-fuzzer-linker-errors/) did not work for me and had to run "make clean" to make it work. Reason could be the already compiled spike.o file which uses the __stack_chk_fail_local