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Godwin Austin
12-15-2012, 05:17 PM
Hello Hackers;

If your question is going to be "Are you freaking kidding me ?"

Then, I am not ! It happened. Of course it was not a criminal activity. I was just using my skills to help a guy in need.

So coming to the real thing, on last Thursday I was rather little late back from office. I and Micr0 thought of going to the nearby restaurant for some lite time. It took us more time than expected. We were back to the porch of our building at around 1:30 AM. We saw that there were watchmen of our building with a Nigerian guy from the neighboring building with a watchman from that building. I asked what was going on out of curiosity and righteous sense of security.

Turns out that that Nigerian dude had locked himself out of his apartment and lost keys. Neither him nor the watchmen were able to get in touch with the local locksmith at that time of night. Me and Micr0 thought it might be a nice adventure to try and open somebody else's lock in night. (Yep... we got goosebumps !) So we went to the other building. We asked the watchman to stay with us during the whole course of action as a witness.

First I tried to enumerate the lock. That means I counted the number of pins within and understood witch way to turn it.
It was a five pin lock and had to be turned anti-clockwise in order to open it. After using a couple of picks I got it turned for the first time. Most of these house locks need to be turned twice to open it. So this one was still locked and was to be picked again. So now I had confidence that I could make it happen again. After five minutes I successfully turned it the second time.

But it now was clear that the door was still locked. Then we understood and the Nigerian guy did remember that it has to be turned thrice!

Back to square one! I did the brute-force again, gaining quicker success this time. The lock was definitely open this time. We could hear it. I was happy and I pushed the door. The lock was open but the door was not! We wondered what went wrong.

After some sound analysis, that is simple knocking on the door and understanding if there is a secondary metal bar behind the door. Indeed there was a secondary latch which had slammed into the place. May be the Nigerian closed the door too quickly and with force which made the internal latch to slam in. Now we were shit out of luck. We knew what the problem was, but there was no way we could unlock the internal latch from out side. The only way was to brake open the door.

I was thinking, If I give up so quickly, my chances of becoming a hacker are thin as a hair. So we went out of the building. We tried to understand the structure of the building.Indeed there was other way (As there always is :)). The drainage pipes and the water supply pipes of the building were at the same location. These pipes were covered with bricks and cement with some space between them and the pipes. So it was making a sort of vertical tunnel with enough opening at every floor.

Our next step was to analyze the tunnel. With the help of a torch, we checked out where are the places one can put feet and hands. The water supply pipes were solid metal and were good for holding on and maintaining balance. The cement construction was not too clean hence making places to keep feet. The foundation was weak and could not hold weight of a person. But still it was something.

The tunnel was not wide enough for me to move cleanly. So daredevil Micr0 stepped up. He went inside the tunnel up to the first floor. But he lacked height in order to go any further. The Nigerian guy was thin and tall. He was pretty exited to see all these acts. He volunteered to get in the tunnel. He went to the first floor very easily. Now I had to stand there and motivate him to keep going on. With some efforts he went up to the second floor. Now the job was a little harder and the Nigerian was a little scared. we all knew that if he falls down now, he will be seriously injure. There was just one more floor to go. The time spent to analyze the tunnel really helped here. We could tell him exactly what to look for and where to step. At the end, he was on third floor and could get inside the window of his kitchen which was open.

The Nigerian opened the slammed latch from inside and came running down. Now he was releaved and was pretty happy about the whole adventure. The guy just could not stop thanking us. It was pretty late by this time. We were tired and had to wake up for office in the morning. So we said our goodbyes and came back to our apartment. We had good sleep as we were happy about the successful hack we experienced.

Ro(Ha)ck On !!


Godwin Austin

12-16-2012, 08:21 PM
Great Work . Sounds a lot of fun \m/

12-16-2012, 10:23 PM
Ha Ha sexy man :D , that's some real action and am pretty sure the satisfaction u got after helping some one, from ur hard earned skills were w00t w00t :).

12-17-2012, 02:08 AM
Awesome Stuff.. Still imagining the fun and concentration levels.... as i said on last post from godwin_austin that he is back into the action....

so lets bring some serious fun on g4h now...

way to go guys....

12-17-2012, 11:22 AM
\m/ I am speechless Godwin! Quite adventurous and add-on to you lock picking skills. Keep hacking spirits high buddy!


12-17-2012, 03:39 PM
Thrilling excerpt man ! And kudos to your crazy lockpicking skills \m/

12-17-2012, 09:00 PM
Good work man ... now we know whom to call when u forgot keys :P

11-05-2013, 09:14 AM
Awesome work :D. some real life adventure ;).

01-15-2015, 01:56 AM
great work on lock picking.... kudos to u guys \m/