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10-07-2010, 12:56 PM
We use keyloggers for getting keystrokes from a victim machine. What we can get from keylogger Multiple Websites acount passwords,CC Numbers,etc.

I never heard of getting Windows Credential using keylogger if anyone did this before then i dont know but i never used this.
so here putting my idea.

If can load a keylogger at the windows start up i.e before login screen appears. then we can get credentials for wondows account as well now the thing was how to run keylogger before login screen?? Is It Possible???

Ans: Yes it is possible bcoz many AntiVirus run scans before login screen. so it is possible to run keylogger before login screen. Below is the steps to do it.

Start->Run->gpedit.msc->computer configuration->Windows Setting->Script(startup/shutdown)->startup->add->browse->Your Keylogger->ok

Still Trying to find how to do this automaticaly so that i can put it in my personal keylogger.

Once you get windows credential then what is need of running exploits??

06-02-2012, 02:00 AM
there is a smartlocker ruby script in msf now, it ws by mubix, the traditional keylogger works in a diffrnt fashion with it, it waits for system to perform screen lock, n during d unlock it scrapes the creds, n also a forced screen lock is possible, [URL="http://www.room362.com/scripts-and-programs/metasploit/[/URL]