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03-18-2014, 11:25 AM
Hi guys,

I have seen so many threads related to WPA cracking using dictionary so i thought i should share some of my techniques by which you can increase the chance of getting the WPA/WPA2 password.

In India (as i don't know about other countries), i have seen many people using wifi with WPA/WPA2 encryption enabled which is good actually. ya i know that its hard for a hacker to crack WPA/WPA2 password when he/she doesn't have a proper dictionary but there is one thing that many guys do forget, its the "Human Stupidity" Factor :D

People may have secure their wifi with WPA/WPA2 encryption but one thing that i noticed till now is that many people choose their wifi password as their own mobile number or their gf, wife, parents, relatives mobile number.
We only need to create a dictionary which will consist of all the mobile numbers. You think it's hard?

Actually its kinda easy !! :D :D

thinking how?

Lets see,

what i said earlier that people chooses mobile number for their password, so we'll create a dictionary containing the mobile numbers.

now lets say there's a phone number like 9876543211

(there are many series like 99XX, 98XX, 97XX etc.)

we just need to create dictionary starting with number 9 (for the 9 Series of numbers. for 7 or 8 series of numbers u can add 7 or 8 also) like 900 till 99 but here you only need to chance the other 9 digits except the 1st digit.

For creating dictionary you can use "crunch" (a really nice tool). the total size for 10 digit numbers 0987654321 is 102GB but you need to create dictionary for only 9 digits as the 1st digit will remain the same. so now the size would be only 10GB.

how to use crunch to create this kinda dictionary?

Lets see then,

first you need to go to the

/pentest/passwords/crunch/ directory

then you have to type

./crunch 10 10 -t 9%%%%%%%%% -o wordlist.lst

what your asking crunch to do is to create a dictionary with minimum and maximum 10 digits and also no need to change the 1st digit as it will remain same and change the other 9 digits accordingly and finally store the file (in this case its wordlist.lst)

the above code will generate a dictionary of 10GB in size which you can use to crack WPA/WPA2 passwords.

that's all !

10-12-2016, 03:41 PM
its not good idea
it may take decades to hack a single wifi connection . BTW the wordlist will become very big of about 100gb (not sure) .
Its better to own a wifi connection.