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04-15-2014, 04:09 PM
Hi All,

we got many queries on browser fuzzing and most of them were duplicate questions from multiple members so finally we decided to bring central place where you can post your queries related to browser and we will try to solve your queries. this will reduce answering same query multiple time & help others as well.

This section is not only limited to Q&A and you can post your Browser POC, Analysis tricks, Analysis Script etc.


1. Search on forum before posting query
2. Only browser fuzzing/crash related queries allowed in this section for other queries we have different section
3. Make sure you have used google before asking questions
4. Dont ask what is fuzzing? in this section
5. If you have solutions for others query kindly post it
6. be descriptive about your query
7. Dont ask i got crash now what? (question should be: I got crash in <BrowserName> <version> how to proceed further?)
8. We are here to just give direction, dont expect others to do complete crash analysis or fuzzer development for you as our goal is to make you understand & learn.