View Full Version : I am Using nduja fuzzer but crash is not reproducable

04-15-2014, 08:37 PM
i am getting lots of email with this question:

[Q] I am using nduja.html (https://sites.google.com/site/tentacoloviola/fuzzing-with-dom-level-2-and-3) fuzzer with grinder and getting crashes but after creating html file its not crashing browser(reproducing)?

Ans: nduja fuzzer developed by Rosario Valotta with DOM 3 level fuzzing and it is one of the good fuzzer developed for grinder framework (https://github.com/stephenfewer/grinder). however if you read the blog post by Rosario Valotta he mentioned that the released fuzzer code is beta version. so basically you need to first understand how grinders logs crashes and how exactly logging function of grinder need to be integrated with fuzzer once you understand that read through nduja code and understand how exactly this fuzzer working and you need to make adjustment with its logging function (logger.log()). also lots of junk code need to be removed from the fuzzer.

you cant reproduce crashes generated by nduja out of the box.