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  1. SQL Injection in INSERT Query

    SQL injection is being one of the mostly exploited issues in web application security and has found a place in OWASP Top 10 since 2004. There are many blog posts, papers available on SELECT query injection exploiting WHERE or HAVING clauses. Today I’m going to discuss SQL injection in INSERT query.

    Here is PDF of the same.
    SQL Injection in INSERT Query.pdf

    Any suggestions, comments are welcome.

    AMol NAik

    Updated 02-03-2012 at 11:10 AM by amolnaik4

  2. Breaking The Crypt - Advanced Hash Cracking

    Advanced Hash Cracking Techniques

    This is a series of articles where I will cover the following topics:

    • GPU based Cracking using Open CL hashcat.
    • Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing for Cracking Hashes.
    • Pushing the envelope with JTR

    The intended readers for this article are users who are familiar and well versed with the process of hash cracking using tools like JTR/Hashcat/Passwords Pro.

    This article is not going to cover the basics of hash ...
  3. John The Ripper (JTR) - Tweak That Attack!

    I decided to blog about an overview of few methods and concepts I used for cracking hashes during DEFCON 2011, Crack Me If You Can. It felt good to win the contest and as a takeaway, there is a need to push the envelope of cracking hashes.

    In this post, I will talk about JTR.

    You are all familiar with JTR if you've been cracking hashes for quite sometime. I wanted to draw attention to certain features of JTR which will help you gain a better grasp at how it works and ...
  4. Hacking the Time

    Open Source Time Travel Project

    Hacking the time how, Time Travel is possible.

    Introduction :.On what our concept is and what its not

    Before reading our concept you will have to erase form your memory all the graphical images that u might have acquired form various science fiction movies, this concept is nothing similar.
    The sci-fi time machine concepts are those shown in movies are as follows. When a person is moving faster than ...
  5. ClubHack 2011 preCON CTF walkthrough

    This paper is based on the steps I executed to win ClubHack 2011 preCON CTF challenge.

    Hope you will like it.

    ClubHack 2011, India’s Hacker conference, was held on 3-4 Feb 2011 at Pune, India. They had a pre-conference hacking competition, called as WEBWAR, whose winners can win a free entry to the clubhack event. The winners also qualified to play Treasure Hunt, a physical CTF at clubhack conference.

    This post is a walk through for this preCON CTF challenge. ...

    Updated 12-22-2011 at 10:35 AM by amolnaik4

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  6. Enumerating and Breaking VoIP


    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has seen rapid implementation over the past few years. Most of the organizations which have implemented VoIP are either unaware or ignore the security issues with VoIP and its implementation. Like every other network, a VoIP network is also susceptible to abuse. In this article, I would discuss about various enumeration techniques followed by demonstration of few VoIP attacks. I deliberately will not go to protocol level details as ...
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  7. Windows 8 DEP bypass

    [ Taken from Forum posts and edited ]


    This Time we'll colour our hands with the blood of windows 8 Developer's Preview edition. What we need , a target application, a vulnerability, and a debugger, and though notepad + calc also.

    So we have Windows 8 : Developer's Preview Edition
    Firefox : 3.6.16
    Java (JRE) : 6u29

    So what is the difference in windows7 and windows8 exploitation.
    To achieve code execution in win7 ...
  8. Identifying Load Balancers - How to tell if the target host is behind a load balancer

    Credits to Joe McCray and his Defcon 18 talk

    1. Use dig command
    Look for multiple addresses resolving to one domain name.

    2. Sites like can be used to check for a ip details. If things like F5 BigIP appear, most probably the host is load balanced.

    3. Firefox Live HTTP Headers Add-on can be used to notice change ...
  9. WebBackdoors , Attack, Evasion and Detection:

    Abstract: This paper provides insight on common web back doors and how simple manipulations could make them undetectable by AV and other security suits. Paper explains few techniques that could be used to render undetectable and unnoticed backdoor inside web applications.
    This paper is mainly an update for an old paper of ours Effectiveness of Antivirus in Detecting Web Application Backdoors, which mainly questioned the effectiveness of AV with respect to ...
  10. ASLR DEP bypassing techniques

    In defeating DEP you atleast need some information that will evade the ASLR.
    There are mainly two ways:

    1. Any anti ASLR modules gets loaded into the target application. I mean you have the base address of any module at fixed location always even after the system restart.

    2. You get a pointer leak from a memory leak/buffer overflow/any zeroday. In this technique you can adjust the offsets to grab the base address of the module whose pointer gets leaked.
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