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  1. Google Bug: Gmail 2-Step Verification Detector

    Hello world! [ Including People , Robots, Zombies Dariush & Arash, Alien dudes if they exist, and my friends ], By the way, I decided to write about a Gmail Bug. Itís not a vulnerability of Gmail but itís some kind of bug let us know if we hack a Gmail, we can login it or not without alert the Gmail owner. I talking about 2-Step verification, Imagine to grab a Gmail password and not be sure to login or not , victim might be use Gmail SMS auth service and when you click login, Google send victim ...
  2. How to Setup Secure Website for Hackers

    When security researchers and hackers want to setup a self blog, the biggest stress on their head is what to do to secure their server(s) and site(s). what if someone come and naughty their server(s) ? what if server get DOS/DDOS attack when they donít have access to fix up their server(s) and they are travelling or go for business or something and they canít access their server(s) for some reason. After some years that I spent my life on information security I release that nothing canít be secure ...

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  3. ip2map - A tool to mark your IPs on a map.

    Hi Guys,

    This my first blog. So, i must begin with

    echo "H3llo H4ck3r5!"
    Well, i had been searching a tool, last year, that took IPs and plotted them on a map but, i couldn't find any opensource one. Honeymap was the best closest map that i was able to find. It takes live feeds over websocks/hpfeeds and requires one to embed the GPS coordinates in the data being fed. I did a bit of JS editing in this project and it was simple to create small ...

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  4. Basic Idea of Creating Password Bruteforce tool

    Includes 2 Basic Program :-
    1. Basic "C++" program.
    2. BruteForce Script in Python.

    Here is Sample Code of CPP Program, that will need Password :-

    Save Below Code with blackbuntu.cpp name.
    PHP Code:
    Author: KroKite
    Description: Basic Bruteforcing Tools

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std

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