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  1. SEH Overflow exploit POC Part 2

    Exploiting the SEH overflow in A-PDF all to mp3 converter

    1) I wrote a perl script that creates a “wav” file with 5000 A’s as shown below:
        #!/usr/bin/perl -w
        use strict;
        my $file = "exploit_seh.wav";
        my $junk ="\x41" x 5000 ;
        open OUTPUT, ">", "$file";
        print OUTPUT $junk;
    This script creates a file “exploit_seh.wav”.

    2) After I open ...
  2. SEH Overflow exploit POC Part 1

    On 18th Jan 2011, somebody named “h1ch4m” reported a stack based overflow vulnerability in “PDF All to mp3 converter” via exploit-db (Exploits Database by Offensive Security). This vulnerability can be exploited by giving a malformed “.wav” file to the application. When i was checking the software on 29th jan 2011, i also found that it was also vulnerable to SEH overflow vulnerability, so i decided to write an exploit for the SEH overflow and submit to exploit-db (community based database ...

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