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  1. Top 7 “Things” Every Penetration Tester Should Use

    After a long time pinning something down. Disclaimer: Views are mine, based on my experience and knowledge, suggestions to improvise would be appreciated.

    So, Penetration testing, with information security getting closer to become the center of the world, pentesting has become integral part of our lives. The life of security folks. No matter how many times you secure the network, it manages to get back in jeopardy. Sometimes we just want it to stay secure. So the pentest to the rescue ...

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  2. Story of a PoC - F5 BIG-IP Cookie Information Disclosure

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    Curiosity is the biggest virtue of a hacker’s mindset. Only because curiosity people like me loose focus of the actual target and run behind the OTHER things. (Anyways, they are more interesting)

    Similar thing happened while I was Pen testing some Web servers which were running behind a load balancer. Nessus was showing some vulnerability associated with load balancer through which it was able to figure out the internal IP of the target server. I read about the vulnerability but was