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  1. Breaking The Crypt - Advanced Hash Cracking

    Advanced Hash Cracking Techniques

    This is a series of articles where I will cover the following topics:

    • GPU based Cracking using Open CL hashcat.
    • Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing for Cracking Hashes.
    • Pushing the envelope with JTR

    The intended readers for this article are users who are familiar and well versed with the process of hash cracking using tools like JTR/Hashcat/Passwords Pro.

    This article is not going to cover the basics of hash ...
  2. John The Ripper (JTR) - Tweak That Attack!

    I decided to blog about an overview of few methods and concepts I used for cracking hashes during DEFCON 2011, Crack Me If You Can. It felt good to win the contest and as a takeaway, there is a need to push the envelope of cracking hashes.

    In this post, I will talk about JTR.

    You are all familiar with JTR if you've been cracking hashes for quite sometime. I wanted to draw attention to certain features of JTR which will help you gain a better grasp at how it works and ...