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  1. Analysis of a Android RAT

    Dendroid is a Android RAT tool and has been discussed over various security portals since last few months. This RAT is capable of proxying/intercepting SMS, calls, stealing passwords, dumping screenshots and accessing camera and mic.

    I used Android APK Decompiler, an online service to decompile the APK to its sourcecode. It was really helpful.

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  2. ip2map - A tool to mark your IPs on a map.

    Hi Guys,

    This my first blog. So, i must begin with

    echo "H3llo H4ck3r5!"
    Well, i had been searching a tool, last year, that took IPs and plotted them on a map but, i couldn't find any opensource one. Honeymap was the best closest map that i was able to find. It takes live feeds over websocks/hpfeeds and requires one to embed the GPS coordinates in the data being fed. I did a bit of JS editing in this project and it was simple to create small ...

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