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  1. Teensy USB HID for Penetration Testers - Part 5 - Advanced Windows Payloads of Kautil

    This is the fifth post in the series of Teensy USB HID for Penetration Testers. Sorry for the gap between this and the last post (almost three months). I was not sitting idle though, I released Nishang in between and there is a new and shiny version of Kautilya is out

    Let us have a look at some advanced payloads in Kautilya.


    This payload could be used to dump password hashes from Windows 7 machine. To use this payload, you have to upload ...
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  2. Teensy USB HID for Penetration Testers - Part 4 - Kautilya

    In third part of this series, we discussed how to write sketches using Arduino and Teensyduino. In this part, let's have a look at Kautilya. Kautilya is a toolkit written by me which helps in easing usage of Teensy in a penetration test. It is named after the famous Indian strategist, economist and political scientist Chankaya (Kautilya is one of his alias). I will touch some less complex payload of Kautilya in this post.

    Kautilya has a menu driven UI which could be used to generate ...
  3. Teensy USB HID for Penetration Testers - Part 3 - Programming sketches in Arduino

    In previous post we saw very basic usage of Arduino Development Environment (ADE) and ran our Hello World using Teensy. Let's have a look at doing something more with Teensy and ADE.

    You know that there are two bare minimum functions called setup and loop in a sketch. But there are many more functions which are very useful while programming complex sketches. Have a look at the below sketch, which opens up notepad and types "Hello World" in it.
       void setup()
  4. Teensy USB HID for Penetration Testers - Part 2 - Basics of Arduino and Hello World

    In the first post we installed Arduino Development Environment (ADE). Now lets have a look at basics of Programming Teensy using ADE

    Make sure that proper board is selected from the menu. Then choose the correct device type

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    In Arduino Development Environment (ADE), programming is done in a C type syntax. We have variables, methods, conditional operators and pointers etc. A program is called a sketch in ADE.

    Now, ...
  5. Teensy USB HID for Penetration Testers - Part 1 - Introduction and Arduino Install

    Hi All,

    This is my first post to Garage, please bear with mistakes. I will write a series of posts which will also be posted on my blog.

    My first blog post after two back to back awesome conferences Black Hat Europe and Troopers. At Black Hat Europe I conducted a workshop called Teensy Programming for Everyone. The workshop was well recieved by most of the participants. But I found that many of them found it difficult to setup Arduino for usage with Teensy and other ...

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