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  1. Collective Intelligence Framework An awesome and pretty useful project

    Hello Hackers!

    How are you doing?
    I am here today to shed some light on a nice and open source project called Collective Intelligence Framework (CIF).

    About 70 % of internet traffic is . Wait for it . SPAM! If you dont believe me, install a service honeypot, give it about 10 minutes and then see the magic. Or get your machine direct public interface and start TCPDump.

    The internet if full of crap / awesome stuff (in the eye of the beholder) like exploit ...
  2. Why do we love penetration testing (And you should too!)

    Aloha readers!

    Why do we love penetration testing? The question could be either answered in a couple of words or a book can be written on the topic. But for the sake of sanity, lets stick to a few words. For the muggles reading this post, here is the definition of penetration testing.

    A penetration test, or the short form pentest, is an attack on a computer system with the intention of finding security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to it, its functionality ...