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  1. Memoirs of Nullcon Goa 2012 - Hacking on beach

    Firstly, the venue. Goa ! Oh, it was divine. Frankly, nullcon should be always in Goa. Perfect blend of electric atmosphere and aesthetic calmness of nature. Seriously, you have to be there to feel it.

    Me, Ap4Ch3, akm.coder and Snypter arrived 2 days ahead of conference. Had a great time exploring Goa. Already, most of the people from null were beginning to pour in.

    ------------------------------------------------------------ ...

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  2. Identifying Load Balancers - How to tell if the target host is behind a load balancer

    Credits to Joe McCray and his Defcon 18 talk

    1. Use dig command
    Look for multiple addresses resolving to one domain name.

    2. Sites like can be used to check for a ip details. If things like F5 BigIP appear, most probably the host is load balanced.

    3. Firefox Live HTTP Headers Add-on can be used to notice change ...