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  1. WordPress Plugin – Revslider update captions CSS file critical vulnerability

    Today being another day at work for SecureLayer7 to recover our client’s defaced website, and bang I think I hit upon a nasty vulnerability of a famous plugin.

    Although we successfully patched the vulnerability and we fixed the undoing of the blacklisting. On further research I stumbled upon its usage over the internet and as it turns out large number of web users online are affected, putting them to greater risk if not mitigated with a proper patch or an update.

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  2. Malware Cleanup: Analysis of an Undetectable web-shell code uploaded, RevSlider bug

    I started my day with my regular Malware Cleanup activity and came across an interesting backdoor web shell file on the server. The server is not specific to any particular environment, it was one of the regularly updated WordPress package with the plugin RevSlider Plugin ver. 4.1.4 .

    I initiated the process to detect the backdoors and web malwares, and got a hit on a malicious .htaccess file which was redirecting hxxp:// as shown below: