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  1. XSS too Root

    Last week I was assigned with a WPT , where I was assigned to PT a Web Application
    Normally in WPT s you will find a lot of bugs if you spend some good time analyzing the application in and out. And Tools like Web Inspect and Appscan are also of a good help to one extend.

    But the application I was testing had some sort of filter which prevented the possibilities of any sort of normal web application attacks, and redirected all malicious request to one common error page.And ...
  2. Cracking Salted Hashes

    Garage 4 Hackers
    FB1H2S Page 1
    Cracking Salted Hashes
    Web Application Security: - The Do’s and Don’ts of “Salt Cryptography”
    Data Base security has become more critical as Databases have become more open. And Encryption
    which is one among the five basic factors of data base security.
    It’s an insecure practice to keep your sensitive data like Password, Credit Card no etc unencrypted in ...
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