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Fb1h2s aka Rahul Sasi's Blog

Hacking is a matter of time knowledge and patience

  1. Maldrone the First Backdoor for drones.

    Hi Guys,


    You read it right. I am going to give a quick demo for the first ever drone backdoor aka Maldrone [Malware Drone] .

    There are over 70 nations building remotely controllable drones. Most of these drones are capable of making autonomous decisions. Countries buy drones from there neighbors. What are the possibilities that there could be a backdoor in the drone you brought. What are the possible ways you can backdoor a drone. What ...
  2. Cracking a Captcha . Nullcon| EMC2 CTF 2015

    Last week EMC2/nullcon CTF got over . Even though I really wanted to I did not have enough time to play the ctf. I was/am busy working on my "hacking Drones" research for Nullcon .

    Last year I was one among the top 30 finilist of EMC2 defenders league and stood 5th in the final ranking. ...