• Memoirs of Nullcon Goa 2012 - Hacking on beach

    Firstly, the venue. Goa ! Oh, it was divine. Frankly, nullcon should be always in Goa. Perfect blend of electric atmosphere and aesthetic calmness of nature. Seriously, you have to be there to feel it.

    Me, Ap4Ch3, akm.coder and Snypter arrived 2 days ahead of conference. Had a great time exploring Goa. Already, most of the people from null were beginning to pour in.


    The evening before the 1st day of conference, we were relaxing in one of the open air restaurants near beach and getting to know other people. News from the nearby Jailbreak event was coming in. Almost all sympathised with participants when they came to know about the push ups,15 min break only and other tough conditions

    D4rk357,fb1h2s,Neo, the_empty,Godwin Austin, 41.w4r10r, Utsav and Umesh sir arrived too and reserved a table.We ordered dinner sipping beer meanwhile. Don't exactly remember all the topics, but I have vague memories of discussions looking into the mechanisms of how Internet is provided in commercial flights (Wifi) in air via satellite. Hacker minds immediately noticed the security threat that maybe the aeroplane can be hacked into and controlled remotely if it was the same satellite uplink used by air control towers. Or even by a passenger inside the aeroplane. Some other talks about USRP and GSM.(I think I proposed something about starting a irc class of sorts for Garage members... but I am not sure I did it or not )

    The atmosphere was electric and it felt like pool of awesomeness all around. Anant arrived for some minutes and all said our hellos. (He was already working hard for con preparations the next day ... and boy he can multi-task superbly )

    It was getting late and we decided to hit the bed early to be in full energy mode for the conference, the next day. (Well the inside secret is some of the guys had yet to make finishing touches to their ppts )


    The 1st day of conference started with a bang, witnessing enthusiastic attendees. Opener from garage was fb1h2s and he rocked the stage big time.
    Awesome moment >> fb1h2s dialing into IVRS system with DTMF payload and the female computerised voice responding by reading a "500 Internal Error" message \m/
    Simultaneously Anant was taking the Android Hacking village session. His talk was next and he rushed to gave his talk(Did I mention he can multi-task efficiently ) with babloo. Both of them presented several aspects of Android security with in-depth features of Android Tamer.

    Meanwhile we met amolnaik4 1st time. (amolnaik4 and Anant had helped designing the HackIM challenge which pre-con CTF ) He was playing the Battle Underground competition and made much progress in a short period of time.

    We interacted over tea and lunch.Met r3dsm0k3, silentp0ison and Morpheuss. All finished at the top of HackIM and were among the 6 participating in Jailbreak.

    Next after lunch was neo's talk on Teensy.
    Awesome moment >> Neo telling the audience that he should now pray to goddess Tyche so that the live demo controlling Media Player by TV remote can go well. This was because most of times a working demo is bound to give unexpected behaviour if the number of audience goes up.

    The 1st day folded and everyone got ready for mehfil-e-mausiqi party. Well not much of it here, because what happens in Goa, stays in Goa !!
    Awesome moment>> The whole party !

    Most of the people coming 2nd day had hangover from last night's party. The talk of Aodrulez describing abstract processor was refreshing and everyone praised how coolly and interactively he delivers a talk.
    Meanwhile we met AjaySinghNegi, webDeviL and Double_Zero too.
    Special mention for Double_Zero's initiatives in his local chapter to take sessions on reverse engineering. It was applauded by all and sundry in conference.

    After lunch, 41.w4r10r and the_empty presented their talk on Content sniffing algorithm bypassing techniques.
    Awesome moment >> Image upload by renaming it and the javascript alert of "Xssed" when the image was tried to be accessed by browser
    r3dsm0k3, silentp0ison and Morpheuss presented their task results of Jailbreak.It was a proud moment for all garage members that 3 from 6 of total participants in Jailbreak were from garage. r3dsm0k3's team won

    2nd day too came to an end. And we decided to have a garage meet early next morning before packing our bags for the return journey.

    Early on a lazy Sunday; me,amoilnaik4,41.w4r10r, the_empty,Neo, Anant and Umesh Sir met for breakfast. Umesh sir discussed some core concepts of Radio waves transmission(don't remember much because electronics is not really my forte' ). Anant gave us the good news of the much awaited release of Android Tamer. We discussed about future initiatives g4h members can pitch for(I think we have some gr8 initiatives coming up soon..Stay tuned)

    After about 2 hours, we decided to leave for our respective return journeys and said our goodbyes.


    Special vote of thanks to null crew and people behind the scenes for making possible such a mind-blowing event. You rock \m/


    Big days ahead for Garage and we are all fired up .....

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