• Career guidelines for freshers doing/done with BE/B.Tech/MCA/BCA/B.Sc/M.Sc(IT/CSE),MS

    Continued part 2

    Wireless Security-
    Wireless security comprise of securing Wireless Access Point,Network,Devices etc.today we can see WEP is dead and the next one in line is WPA/WPA2.so the job of wireless security professional is to protect the wireless network with the maximum security possible but having user flexibility in mind.In india there is no proper labs for wireless security & administration because again its devices are very costly.in wireless there is everything from parabolic antenna's to Geostationary satellites as well as VSAT's.some of the course in this field are CWNA(Certified Wireless Network Administrator),CWSP(Certified Wireless Security Professional) & Remote-exploit's WiFU Course,GIAC GAWN (Assessing Wireless Networks).now when its cutting edge every ISP have started using Wireless in their home user services.so this field going to shine soon.

    Security Auditors-Auditors job is to design the organization overall security policy based on ISO/BS standards like ISO 27001,ISO 17799,PCI DSS etc are some of the standard followed by every organization.these standards denotes how to implement the security policy and then to force it in real environment as well as time to time assessment of the applied policy within the organization.for this to do,you must have at least 3-4 yrs exp.in management/technical field.those standards have certs too.other useful certs are ISC2's SSCP(System Security Certified Practitioner),CISSP(Certified Information System Security Professional),CISA(Certified Information System Auditor),CISM(Certified Information Security Manager) are the good one.

    7.SAP Consultants-SAP stand for System Applications Products,an ERP software which is used in data processing.today after doing MBA/BE.if you doing this cert along.it will make your career much enhance as its in too much demand today and one of the highly paid job also.there are multiple modules available according to your need.

    FI(Finance) #Good for MBA/CA/M.Com people
    HR(Human Resource) #Good for MBA people
    PM(Plant Maintenance)
    MM(Material Management)includes SCM(Supply Chain Management) #Good for MBA people
    QM(Quality Management) #good in conjunction of ISO standard certificates.
    PP(Production Planning)
    SD(Sales & Distribution) #Good for MBA Marketing stream people
    BW(Business Warehouse) #good for MBA IT/System people
    ABAP(Advanced Business Application Programming) #good for BE/MCA/B.tech/M.tech/MBA(IT/CS) Students

    Siemens is good place to learn SAP course.but again its very costly course and each module is for around 1-2 lacs.

    8.Software testers.Software testing is to test the build and quality of software's and it can be Black box testing,Alpha testing,Beta testing etc.this can be done using Automation tools like winrunner,loadrunner or manually.many software programmer/engineers will find this job useful,those who don't like to coding but keep interest in debugging and evaluation a software.its one of highly demanded job and company gives basic training about it.anyone starting from B.Sc can go for this.

    9.Technical writer-The job of technical writer is full of enthusiasm and to grasp the latest technology very fast.the skill set required for a technical write is,he must be well versed in English/Hindi/any foreign language both verbally and writing with wide knowledge of latest technologies.he must be very creative to write about the technical things & to document properly within the organization.

    10.Graphic designer-Graphic designer work is to prepare LOGO's,Slogan's,Hoarding & basically this stream better known as Desktop Publishing(DTP),the software which you learn in this are Adobe Photoshop,Corel Draw,Pagemaker,Electra etc.they also work towards providing effects on website-pages.again its very creative line as you will play with variety of tool.you will come across text effects,illustration,designing,sketching etc.
    11.Fashion/Jewelery/Accessories/Interior Designer-those who wants to do something different with their previous field or want to change their field can opt for Fashion/Jewelery/Accessories designer course.this course can be done through NID(National Institute Of Design) Ahemdabad,NIFT(National Institute of Fashion Designing),INIFD(International Institute of Fashion Designing).JPDC(Jewelery Design)Jaipur.we would recommend you for Govt. inst. like INIFT,NID,JPDC as in this field private inst. are fooling students.after doing FD course.it depends on your skills,you can run your own Boutique or can start work as Fashion Designer in elite firms or in Export house.one more field which is being popular these days is Interior designing where you need to design the inner-sanctum of a house like what all accessories need to put,attractive things,wall designs,color settings/matching.its one on the Hot job today.if you are good enough,people will call you from your home to design their houses.you can get the salary in above fields ranging from 10K to 50K per month.

    12.Virtualization-Virtualization means to virtualize or simulate the real thing.we are talking about Vmware,Microsoft virtual server software's which make simulation/emulation possible on single platform to multi-platform.today if you want to run multiple OS simultaneously then you can use virtualization technology.except this there are numerous applications which can be simulated by these tools.so again in business organization,virtuality has become a important part.you can go for VMware certificates related to ESX server,Vmware server.

    13.Research Scholar-those who wants to carry on with the study can further opt for Ph.D in various subjects based on your interest.PhD level is full R & D(Research & Development)Scientist level where you have to write a thesis based on your interest in current stream and that is guided under the supervision of the university/college professor.it takes around 2.5-3 yrs to complete.after completing the Ph.D you are known as doctorate or Dr.in between you also get scholarship from govt & other funded area.

    14.Teachers/Professor/Lecturers-Those who don't want to work in companies & afraid/uncomfortable to go far from family can opt for education & teaching line.you can go for NET(National Eligibility Test)organized by UGC on national basis,SLET(State Lecturership Entrance Test),PSC(Public service commission)by state level PSC for 1st,2nd,3rd grade teachers,B.Ed(Bachelor Of Education)after graduation,M.Ed(Master of Education)after Post-Graduation & B.Ed,TGT/PGT for navodaya/KV schools/English schools.salary varies from job position to position.in starting a teacher can earn from 5 to 20K per month,lectures 10K to 30K,professors 20K to 60K+ etc.its again depend on organization & its status & our qualification & exp.

    Hope every visitor will find this information useful.its just a scenario and not a full guidelines.those who are having trouble understanding anything or want to ask anything else,are always welcome.you can post your queries after registration,into the QUERIES Section.

    Disclaimer-This tutorial is property of ICA Team as its unpublished and not copied from anywhere.from the past expr. of 5-7 yrs the experts of this team have written the guide.kindly use it for self purpose and not to distributing/copying/selling to other sources.if you have problem,let us know.we will reply you back.

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    Credits to Secure_it for making this wonderful guide
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