• Garage4Hackers Ranchoddas Series - Part 3 on Browser Crash Analysis - Free Webinar

    Dear all,
    Garage4Hacker invites you to join us for a webinar titled Ever Wondered Why Your Browser Crashes? by David Rude II aka Bannedit - Corelan Team Member.

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    Have you ever wondered why your browser gets crashed?? ....its time to get into debugging mode to understand basics of windbg...what pageheap does? understand what is Use-After-Free, Simulating exploitation to identify exploitability & finally identify root cause of the crash.

    What to expect:
    The presentation would start with basics of windbg. We will discuss about Use After Free Vulnerabilities and simulation of the crash to identify its exploitability and possible path for our favorite calc.exe popup and end with root cause analysis to identify code/function responsible for vulnerability.

    Examples of topics:
    - Windbg basic commands
    - What is Use After Free
    - How we can simulate exploit code execution
    - Root Cause of crash
    - etc

    - Understanding of vulnerabilities and exploits
    - windbg installation
    - basic knowledge of how the CPU and operating systems work

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