• Indian Hackers/Infosec guys & groups you should be following in Twitter

    This is a personal compilation of list of Indian Infosec guys or group I thought one should follow..This is just a initial list of active twitterati's to start off, you can agree or disagree with me. I am sure there are more people out there to be in this list.The list is in no particular order. Feel free to follow each individually, or if you like, we've also created a Twitter list for you, so you can easily follow and see all of their tweets combined, here.

    Please feel free to suggest or share your own twitter list.Leave your comments below.

    Akash Mahajan
    Akash is the Bangalore chapter lead for OWASP and Null. He tweets all things about security and primarily about application security
    Atul Alex Cherian
    Atul is a security researcher and founder of Malcon. He shares his thoughts on fuzzing, reverse engineering and hardwares
    Lavakumar Kuppan
    Lava is the founder of the IronWASP Project. He has also authored many other security tools like ‘Shell of the Future’, JS-Recon, Imposter and the HTLM5 based Distributed Computing System – Ravan.
    Rahul Sasi

    Rahul Sasi (fb1h2s) is working as a Security Researcher & core member of Garage4Hackers. He has spoken at various security conferences like HITB, BlackHat,Ekoparty etc.He tweets about his research ranging from malwares, reverse engineering to IVR & Hacking Cable TV network
    Saumil Shah

    Saumil is Founder & CEO of Net-square. A regular speaker & trainer at Blackhat,RSA, HITB etc.He has authored has authored "Web Hacking: Attacks and Defense" &"The Anti-Virus Book"
    Aditya Gupta
    Aditya Gupta is a renowned mobile security expert and information security researcher. Also being the lead developer and co-creator of Android Framework for Exploitation, he tweets about mobile security & web appsec.
    Nikhil Mittal

    Nikhil is an infosec researcher and author of Kautilya & Nishang.He actively tweets about powershell,teensy, attack research and defence strategies.
    Gurusev Kalra

    Gursev has authored several security related whitepapers and his research has been voted among the top ten web hacks for 2011 and 2012. He has authored several free security tools like TesserCap, Oyedata, SSLSmart and clipcaptcha.

    w3bd3vil's interest lies in fuzzing, bug-hunting and writing exploits for client side software including MS office, browsers, video players etc. He has numerous CVE's attributed to his name.
    Prakhar Prasad
    An active bug hunter. He tweets about webapp security
    Aditya Sood
    Aditya K Sood is a senior security consultant at IOActive and PhD candidate at Michigan State University. He has been an active speaker at industry conferences like DEFCON,HITB,RSA,BruCon etc. He actively tweets about penetration testing, web app security and malware analysis.
    Ahamed Nafeez
    Ahamed Nafeez is a Security Engineer, he has contributed to Facebook's white hat program and various other bug bounty programs. He has been a speaker at Nullcon and CoC0n , BlackHat[Asia], HITB[Amsterdam]. He tweets client side security & network security.
    Riyaz Ahemed Walikar

    Web Application Security Engineer / Pentester / Network Security Architect. Found vulnerabilities with popular web applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Cisco, Symantec, Mozilla, PayPal, Ebay, Apigee, Adobe etc.
    Debasish Mandal

    IT security enthusiast,love to #hack #fuzz #exploit #reverse #automate soft stuffs.Blogs @ http://www.debasish.in
    Dhanesh Kizhakkinan

    Captain of SegFault CTF team. He tweets about reverse engineering, vulnerabilities, exploit writing and cryptography.
    The Hacker News (THN)

    THN founded by Mohit Kumar is leading infosec news source dedicated to promoting awareness for security experts and hackers.With over 150k followers they are one of the most sought after group for infosec news.
    Security Tube

    Vivek Ramachandrans Security Tube is one of the most trusted resource for Infosec,the portal carries videos free of charge.SecurityTube today reaches thousands of professional in 73+ countries.

    Null is India's largest open security community. A purely volunteer driven group with chapters across India. So if you are looking for free learning & knowledge sharing Null is the place.

    SX has released 200+ FREE security softwares that has crossed over 10 Million Downloads worldwide.They also provide free training on Malware analysis & RE
    Rohit Srivastwa

    Founder of ClubHack, Security Evangelist, Technologist, Hacker, Biker, Nomad

    G4H is an open group for Infosec enthusiasts, they promote research and have free monthly webcasts under the banner "Ranchoddas" with world renowned infosec researchers presenting.
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