• Malware Analyser 2.7

    The tool has evolved from a tiny python script to one of the most powerful static analysis tool.

    Some of the functionality includes:

    1. String based analysis for registry , API calls , IRC Commands , DLL's called and VM Aware.

    2. Display detailed headers of PE with all its section details, import and export symbols etc.

    3.On Distro , can perform an ascii dump of the PE along with other options ( check --help argument).

    4. For windows , it can generate various section of a PE : DOS Header , DOS Stub, PE File Header , Image Optional Header , Section Table , Data Directories , Sections

    5. ASCII dump on windows machine.

    6. Code Analysis ( disassembling )

    7. Online malware checking ( www.virustotal.com )

    8. Check for Packer from the Database.

    9. Tracer functionality : Can be used to identify

    Anti-debugging Calls tricks , File system manipulations Calls Rootkit Hooks, Keyboard Hooks , DEP Setting Change,Network Identification traces,

    10. Signature Creation: Allows to create signature of malware
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