• Project: Linux Log Eraser v0.2

    Hi Friends,

    Here I am presenting v0.2 for the same.

    The Default Page with Garage logo:

    The Help Page:

    Features in ver 0.2:

    1. Script has been redesigned from scratch. It's more customizable now. Pay attention to the global variables declared and initialized at the top of code.
    2. Non-interactive script: The interactive features might be painful on a remote connect or reverse shell.
    3. Included features to Erase user activity logs from logs files (wtmp, utmp, lastlog etc)
    4. Fetch the IP, spoof_ip, and user name to it. The script will take care to remove all entries of them from "editable" ascii files and would spoof all of them in binary files.
    5. Fixed the error in deleting the log entries for the web back door shell from web logs.
    6. Restore the time stamping for all the log files which have been accessed and edited.
    7. Get some basic system info
    8. Verify-IP: To inform user if by mistake he has entered invalid IP (It includes 3 different checks on user input)

    This time, script being non-interactive, please play safe.

    The script is ready to go and can be used in your ventures!

    Couple more things are running in back of my mind for the same concept. I will try to incorporate them soon in the existing code.

    Hackuin, please have a closer look this time. I haven't included your suggestions yet, but would definitely.

    PS: Delete the trailing .txt extension.
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