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Winners List

Name Level Status
Masato Kinugawa Easy, Medium, Hard Winner
Ben Hayak Easy, Medium 1st Runner up
Abdullah Hussam(@Abdulahhusam) Easy, Medium 2nd Runner up with Expected Solution
Pranav Hivarekar Easy Unique Solution
Sagar Popat Easy Expected Solution
Rahul Maini Easy Expected Solution
Akansha Kesharwani Easy Expected Solution
Mohan Easy Expected Solution
Shawar Khan Easy Expected Solution

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Mean while read about CTF rules and prices

The CTF winning the Hard level will be awarded $150, Medium Level with $125 and Low Level 65$.
The panel will select the winning payload based upon its time of submission, uniqueness as well as length.
The bounty will be donated towards the Garage4hackers Maharastra Drought Relief Fund.