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Godwin Austin

Why do we love penetration testing (And you should too!)

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Aloha readers!

Why do we love penetration testing? The question could be either answered in a couple of words or a book can be written on the topic. But for the sake of sanity, letís stick to a few words. For the muggles reading this post, here is the definition of penetration testing.

ďA penetration test, or the short form pentest, is an attack on a computer system with the intention of finding security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to it, its functionality and dataĒ

A penetration testing assignment gives you a chance to commit a wide variety of sins and still keeps your karma safe. You could break into peopleís computers, cheat, lie, con and sneak your way into something juicy, play a criminal mastermind and get paid for it without risking jail time and without feeling the guilt of your deeds. (Works for people who are not bloody sociopaths!)
Dealing with different penetration tests is a pretty exiting journey. It will shake your basic misconceptions, challenge your skills and intelligence, and provide a lot of elixir of life to make you want to keep going on. More importantly, and end of day, you get satisfaction of having done something good with your time.

Professionally, itís a good and steady paying job profile with enormous opportunities ahead. You can grow to be a malware researcher, threat researcher, vulnerability researcher, a process guy and whatever else gives you an adrenaline rush.

In todayís scenario, penetration testing skills give you a legal way of making some extra bucks too. A lot of people want to get their products tested for security bugs. For that they keep open bug bounty programs. Itís a good opportunity for penetration testers to try their kung-fu, keep up with new vulnerabilities and attack techniques and make some good money while doing so.

Well, all of it cannot be goody-goody like it has been sounding till now. Of course, there are some boring parts of it. For example, writing the report of your endeavors could be boring. Explaining an exploit to your dumbass client could be really frustrating. Keeping up with your skillset and bashing your head against a hardened target could become really addictive. But overall, in the comparison, itís better than good.

Anyways, in a nutshell, the answer for why do I like penetration testing is pretty simple and straightforward. I do it because I am a criminal mind with a good morale and conscience.

Ro(Ha)ck On !!


Godwin Austin



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