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Is NetTraveler APT managed by PLA Military Camp in Lanzhou [China] ???.

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Here we are providing a detail Analysis about Netravelr APT team based on the data we collected over the past 1 year.
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In 2014 the actors behind global cyber espionage campaign “Operation NetTraveler” celebrate ten years of activity. NetTraveler has targeted more than 350 high-profile victims in 40 countries. So it is high time we make our research public . This is not an individual research, instead this was part of efforts of various Garage4hackers members.


Nettravler Group is big and have spent huge amount for malware infrastructure. They have
24/7 Working hours . We were able to attribute Netravler to PLA[People liberation Army] military camp in Lanzhou. Below is a list of countries that are infected by Netravler based on kaspersky report.

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We provide our analysis in the form of a PPT slide.

Slides here:

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