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Garage4Hackers Ranchoddas Webcast on In the DOM- no one will hear you scream By

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Garage October month RWS series, our rancho Author Mario Heiderich

Title :
In the DOM- no one will hear you scream

Recorded Video.

This talk is about the DOM and its more twilight areas. Well see the weird parts and talk about where and why this might be security
critical and affect your precious online applications, browser extensions or packaged apps. To understand the foundations of what the
DOM has become by today, we'll further explore the historical parts - who created the DOM, what was the intention and how fought dirty about
it during the browser wars.

Finally, we'll see a DOM based attack called "DOM Clobbering". An attack, that is everything but obvious and affected a very popular and
commonly used Rich Text Editor. Be prepared for a lot of tech-talk as well as fear and loathing in the browser window. But don't shed no
tears, there's a tool that fixes the security crazy for you and this talk will present it.

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