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How to Bypass iPhone 6+ IOS 8.3 Emergency Call

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Hello Guys, After several days I was busy at work, I come back with a new subject which you can see on top of this text. Before I start, I’ve to say my IOS is updated and version is 8.3. Keep reading to know more.

I don’t want make it hard to be understood, so I explain it basic and fast. All you need to do is to turn on WiFi or mobile internet data and lock the screen, as you can see, iPhone just let you to call emergency numbers [example: 911]. Now you hold the “Home” button and let Siri come up, Tell Siri to call anyone or any number.

For Example:
“Hey Siri, Call 09392841331”
“Call John”
“Call my father”
And also you can see the last number , whom you called and see your number [saved on contact]. To know better , visit video on youtube.


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Ali Razmjoo



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