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Cracking WIFI

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Hello, I am Double Chow.The purpose of establishing WeChat Subscription is to share knowledge about cyber security ,simple but very fun that we maybe often used in daily life .Today, we share an article about cracking WIFI. The most simple way: use third party interface to crack WIFI, whcih is called the first step to break our village WIFI. In order to facilitate the application in the actual scene,I put all the operations on the phone as possible .The first step, WarDriving collect WIFI information, tools download address:, this tool can collect WIFI SSID, BSSID and GPS, then export CVs and KML file , use Google earth open the KML file, finally, the map will mark the WIFI information, as shown below:
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The second step, to break the third party interface, I started to use WIFI master key interface to batch break, but the software updates, the former interface is unusable. To reverse this software, in the reverse process, I found a more simple method, this website is used to check whether the WIFI password leak or not, it is achieved through some third party WIFI sharing APP interface , but it is made restrictions on the number of queries, as follows:
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In batch WIFI queries, only 12 WIFI per query are given, as shown below:
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To analyze capture pocket, it use JavaScript to limit 12 number of WIFI, and no limit on the number of back-end. What is more, the returned results have made Duplicate removal on the WIFI data. we can use this interface to all one-time collection of the WIFI in the query interface code. I have written the code address: Now we can use a mobile phone to try to test the WIFI security, the specific operation of the video as below:
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I hope this article will be helpful to you. WeChat Subscription is not updated regularly, because I may be very busy . If you have interests, you can contact me, my email is
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