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    Reverse eng mobile app - Hire


    We at softwareINC looking for reverse eng mobile application.
    In order to write scripts in the affiliation field.

    If you have experience and looking for freelance job, msg us at...
  2. Not sure if im capable of getting pvt message,...

    Not sure if im capable of getting pvt message, you can leave a MSG here with your contact info.
    This is very interesting projet, and i pay very good.
  3. Is it possible to upload shell with the XSS i found


    I am kinda new to XSS and would like to know if it's possible to upload shell or any other ways to exploit the vulnerabilities i found.

    Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.5
  4. Fuzzing software and finding a bug that will lead to RCE


    I am a new commer and i like this forum, i hope this is the right place to write it down.
    I manage a team of coders and reverse eng, and i am looking for someone who can help us with...
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