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    Book on Android Forensics

    Android Forensics by Andrew Hoog. Due to the nature of Android and the author's experience with it, this book has a lot of great content.

    My only real concern with this book is that it might lack the focus required by a normal investigator. I'm sure many investigators simply want to know where to find key data (email, Web history, etc.) and then retrieve and analyze it in a forensically sound manner. It's the "so what" question that hangs over many forensics books. I would have liked a case study focusing on that sort of material to show how an investigator would make sense of the data and structures unearthed by the author throughout the book.

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    I do love reading Andrew hoog, materials. Read his "IPhone & IOS forensics", pretty good, and actually, I love reading syngress materials of Forensics, the book, "Digital Forensics with Open source tools" actually made my plenty of days.
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    OWASP released owasp-goatdroida a fully functional training environment for exploring Android mobile application security. To get more information or download follow the below given link.


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    Reverse Engineering Of Malware On Android >>

    Written by Vibha Manjunath , Published by SANS Reading Room.
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