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    Cool Garage meet Oct 2011 - Writeup

    Well lots of our regular members were missing on this meeting.
    Like fb1h2s,anantshri were gone to cocon and 41.w4r10r and the_empty also had said they wont be able to come due office work.
    Just 5 min ago 11 am 41.w4r10r called me asking where am I when I was that when I came to know that he was comming to the meeting.
    I had first meet Umesh last year and was very much impressed by the his knowledge and thinking.
    I was thinking of asking Umesh to join us for a Garage meet. I was unsure whether he would like the environment or not since he was not in to computers much. His thing was electroincs. He has around 20 years of experience in to electroincs. He does repaid CNC machines and also can build up complete CNC also.
    But suddenly on Sat 8th morning I had feeling to ask him atleast. He said he will come to the meet.

    I was happy, I urgently posted that one guest (hardware hacker) would come for the meet

    Well when we reached their vinnu and amol_naik were already there. Umesh was also waiting for me.
    Me and Umesh went inside we had some calls to each others and gathered at the gate of FC.

    Then we got inside our usual place. Then we had introductions of each other. vinnu , amol_naik were in their first garage meet. Since no one had any presentation planned. We just had some genral hacker talk

    Then Godwin_austin joined in, we had some discussions regarding the voip server Godwin_austin was setting up as well as failuar to get the neodymium magnets (whaterver the spelling is). Well after some time 41.w4r10r joined in.
    So we asked him regarding status of the RFID reader and what all they have found out new about RFID. 41.w4r10r told till yet they only found way to have DoS on the RFID reader and explained the way they did it.

    At this time we were thirsty and since lazy Godwin_austin was only saying he is feeling thirsty and was not going to get water or drinks from Canteen. So We all went to canteen and had some lemon drinks. Some of us were who were little bit
    hungry had snacks. While having snacks we discussed possibility of increasing range of the DoS on RFID by using some acitve RFID devices. At that time our hardware hacker Umesh told us that first RFID devices were active only and afterwords the pasive devices come so we can create some active devices which can act as a RFID card. So we decided to have some more R & D in this regard.

    Then 41.w4r10r was trying to get pictures of lock picking toolkit of Godwin_austin. He said he had plans to get duplicate of the lockpicking toolkit. So the discussions turned towards lockpicking. We had discussions regarding which could be better
    options for the lock picking tools. Umesh suggested that some CCD circuit are so small that they can be inserted inside the lock. So we can have some device to look inside the lock and have better options towards lockpicking. Then he also told that he
    had a portable scan which could be dismantled and its scanning circuit could be insrted inside lock to check positions of leavers. We found these ideas pretty exciting. Godwin_austin also told about automatic lockpicking gun and how it functions.

    vinnu gave some insights about the vulnerabilities research, about disclosures about lots of other things also.
    41.w4r10r was the happiest person after meeting vinnu both discussed lots of technical details about reverse eng. and vuln. Interestingly when amol_naik asked vinnu's opinions about how to learn reverse engineering vinnu told no need to go down through all of the assembly language code. Only 5-6 instructions are enough for reverse eng. He said he also dont gone through all the assembly language
    instructions. That was a different approach than I herd from other researchers. I was quiet interested in their talk.
    It would be a relief for some of our members who were lazy to learn assembly and due to which didnt went deep in to Reverse Engineering.

    After some time the smokers were keen to have a smoke so we went outside for a tea. Here again two discussion ****** were started. Godwin_austin told us about information he was collecting regarding the cyber laws of india and he told us that port scanning is not illegal to port scan the machine according to the indian cyber law. But you cannot connect to the machines. But there
    are some high profile (militory/defence/govt) machines to which doing portscan is also against law.

    Second track was going on regarding R.E. between 41.w4r10r and vinnu which I dont have much details since I was involved in first track

    Well after tea we departed but... some of us were into some general discussions for about half and hour then we dispersed.

    (Hope I got some details of the meet.)
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    Every meet has something new and exciting and tempts us to work hard as well as have a garage meet soon Thanks neo sir for the writeup
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    gr8 writeup .....gud to know u guys had a gr8 time

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    i am attending every meet from the start and i never found any old stuff in any of the meet every time members have something new to discuss and share as well as never found the research without any progress...

    people always have something to update with their research stuff...

    Hope to have next meet very soon in next month....


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    I really enjoyed this meet. This was my first time meeting like minded ppl other than known friends n ppl met at confs. Really wanted to see ppl behind their Handles (;P) as I never met any online friend physically.

    "vinnu" has a smiling face and always speaks with smile. I hope we will have more communication as I want to learn Exploitation n will try to follow your suggestions.

    Umesh Sir was having solid hardware knowledge and had solution on almost every problem we discussed (at least an Idea). I came to know many things i donno.

    neo1981 was I guess the event manager for this meet . Nice to meet you buddy.

    AN1L was the one I talked with many time in IRC. A good person with sound knowledge. His quote when I said I find lame vulnerabilities: "No vuln is LAME". . Yeah!! I get paid for that.

    I found Godwin_austin most funny man & friendly. This doesn't mean that other were not friendly . We had discussion on many topics from Lockpicking to cyber laws. Good to know you.

    I would like to meet you ppl again. If ppl from Pune can manage to meet every month, i'll be there.

    AMol NAik

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    Really missed this meet, good to hear more information overflow took place. And thanks neo for the wirteup .
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    I also missed it .....

    and ya thanks for the nice writeup neo.
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    Oh shit man ! Really Missed this Meet .. Actually i was planning to come to G4h meet , but the due office work they didn't given permission for leave

    I wanted discuses some exploitation things with vinnu bhai (Hope we will meet in next g4h meet) But from writeup i can imagine all things ... Amol Godwin always rox ) ...

    What about the HASH Cracking Server , i thing in previous meet , we had discussion on it ...

    All pwner gr8 meet that i have missed

    Anyways , we will meet in next g4h meet ...

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    thanks for the great write up neo. I missed this time , the very interesting thing i found here is continuity of the topic . i must be sound in some basic stuff to speak about this geek and latin .
    if i remember correctly we had a presentation on RFID breaking by vipul kalia in null meet we can catch him for some hardware stuff and tip and tricks ( don't blame me if my expectation is wrong :P ) i can give u his details if needed ping me

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    Well a little more about this meet. We all met and felt like we already knew each other, no hesitations all were as much adjustably friendly as our real life friends.

    The one of most friendly man i have ever met in my life is neo, the true cyber geek and keen to develop new tools by right at his home garage... atleast few parts will get developed by him on the way as he already has a lot off stuff on his backpack.

    The discussion was versatile and was truly interesting at all stages. The topics were from RFID to radar detectors to vulnerability research, exploit development and memory info disclosure vulnerabilities etc.

    Most of the stuff we discussed was in "not found" list in most web spiders (search engines). Seriously we had no computers there, just natural and no screens just from brain to brain discussions as it really improved me too in my further researches.

    It was all free there and even some nearby guys were also curious and they too were trying to sniff our discussions as all the deprecated/blacklisted stuff was discussed in general public.
    Might be some people were going to safeguard there vehicles parked near from us as they heard about the types of locks and felt the godwin's expertise from ongoing discussions and member's gestures.

    Umesh was the most impressive man there. You say the machine and he has an interesting hack in that, you just name any electronics, ranging from emf machines ( to scanners, or whatever every one was amazed by his expertise. A true hardware hacker. I might need him personally to carry out my physical dream hacks.

    41.Warrior had some real stuff to discuss with me exclusively, and we discussed a lot and a lot more than any defcon presentation and might be he will be making his next highly advanced 0days with more ease now as he is already near the completion of some of his hot 0days. We discussed the solutions and how to exploit the present/future vulnerabilities and chaining of vulnerabilities to achieve the ultimate results....I mean more than a CALC, the real stuff, not discussable here.

    The most versatile man there was the amol, he was grabbing from everyone. From code execution to cyberlaws and much more, he was in every discussion.

    It was my first exposure to great minds of India and in their natural form, not the fabricated one (as the state of mind in a presentation in any conference, where brain has bounds of the walls of the conference room and it cant think beyond and is under tension) but in free mode and what we say "attack mode".

    All in all, we all grabbed a lot and a leap ahead in Indian hacking brotherhood or a garage brotherhood.

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