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    @b0nd, oh sorry
    well i was wondering about using directories to keep all the stuffs seperated(sorry for bad explanation)

    @abhay:: and the last time you visited any library did you take all the books?(im really sorry for comment)

    1st- library have lakhs of books, no1 could read em all, we go there to get what we want .
    2nd- hard paper backs ebooks? how much one would cost after its price and shipment charges? even i hate reading ebooks but there is no other option.
    3rd- i was talking about uploading "stuffs" which means ebooks, videos, tools, codes or anything that would help guys to learn.
    4th- i myself have read over 30ebooks and watched 10+ pro. videos on XSS, so if you want to learn reading isnt a big deal!
    5th- why would i go for 4shared if i can go for x10 which gives me infinite space and i would be able to manage stuffs more easily(i can create web, use sub domains, add password and encrypt directories etc.)?
    6th- about the free stuffs , didnt i mentioned that i would go for free stuffs and warez would be included only incase they are too good.
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    hi All,

    I was refraining from commenting on this thread but looks like i need to point out few quick things.

    1) Book sharing till its content is open for all is ohk with the forum (as already itterated by most of us)

    2) Illegal content is not allowed ? (keep reading why.)

    3) Assume that we do get involved in such activity this is a simple question to the Thread opener.
    Have you taken the time out to understand how does free hosting services work.
    secondly do you even understand the AUP policies of all such sites (which will include 4shared or rapidshare also)

    some of the lines from X10hosting AUP
    Free Hosting Acceptable Use Policy
    PHP Code:
    Material Protected by Copyright

              You may not publish
    distribute, or otherwise copy in any  manner any musicsoftwareart, or other work protected by copyright  law unless:

    you have been expressly authorized by the owner of the copyright for the work to copy the work in that manner;*  you are otherwise permitted by established United States copyright law to copy the work in that manner.          
    Free hosting users who violate the ToS or AUP will have  their account removed.  Premium hosting users will be informed of the  violation before action is taken under most circumstances.

    Offensive Content

              You may not publish 
    or transmit via x10Hosting's service any content that x10Hosting reasonably believes:

    *  is otherwise malicious, fraudulent, or may result in retaliation against x10Hosting by offended viewers.                    Content published or transmitted via x10Hosting'
    s service  includes web contente-mailbulletin board postingschat, and any  other type of posting or transmission that relies on any internet  service provided by x10Hosting
    Keeping all these in mind we should avoid this.

    Now coming out back to the ethical or actual aspects of the scenario.
    I prefer paying for the book atleast this way i help the author and in turn author helps me.
    People are not always open with books simmilar to not all softwares are free.

    we do have a lot of free books.
    besides that if people think we need some book sharing i would suggest cataloguing books each member has in a single place based on location.
    example people in pune can have on big thread cataloguing all the books they have and in turn books could be shared by each other just like we have in library.

    Going to the easy of use of pdf's that they provide, if you want you are free to do and keep what ever you want on your own machine but not on this forum.
    of you know that something is available online help them find it but not by giving direct link.

    I think i have explained enough....

    hope it helps in clearing all doubts regarding a book sharing objective
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    Quite old thread but then I just thought why not share the list of freely available books (obviously legally), and I stumbled upon this list..
    ebook - List of freely available programming books - Stack Overflow and
    Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes ::

    Quite a large list, I must say. I certainly cannot assure the quality but I'm sure some of them are really good..

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