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    [Announcement] Bangalore Meet [7 Jan 2012]

    Hey Guys,

    We are ready for our show. In this meet we will deliver our first lecture on Reverse Engineering. Please find the details below for timing etc.

    Course Details:
    Security Training |

    Meet Details:

    We will have this year's first null/OWASP/Garage4hackers/
    securityxploded Bangalore meetup on Saturday 7th January 2012 starting
    at 10.00 AM. No registrations, no fees, just come with an open

    Going forward, the Bangalore meet will be divided into 2 parts, the
    monthly talks and Training on Reverse Engineering. The Reverse
    Engineering training will start at 12:45 PM by the SecurityXploded/
    Garage4Hackers team.

    1. News Bytes:- Ajan
    2. Scapy Primer:- Ashwin
    3. Wireshark Basics:- Rajmittal
    4. Reverse Engineering Training (Lab Setup & Operating System Basics - PE + Windows internals) - Amit Malik & Swapnil Pathak

    Kieon, 3rd Floor, 302 Prestige Sigma,
    3 Vittal Mallya Road,
    Bangalore 560001
    Opposite Bishop Cottons Girls School, Above Emirates Airlines office.

    Map Location: Kieon

    Parking is available in the building.
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    Good opportunity for localities to attend and gain knowledge for "free". Good job DZZ!
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    badluck for me...
    tomorrow early morning i have to go to maysor for a project ...:P

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    Grt Program

    Hi I was late to go through this post. Could you guys let me know, was it one day program or training goes on a weekly or monthly basis. awaiting your response as i dont want to miss it if its going on.

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