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    Congratulations Garage Members for Presenting @Null 2012

    Once again you have made Garage proud!


    Congratulations for your successful and awesome presentations at Null Goa - 2012.

    Garage is looking forward to hear your experience.

    News for the same: Zee News India
    The Hindu

    PS: Many more bravo and stories to come from Null ground.

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    Great work really made us all proud.....

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    Awesome job Keep rocking buddy.
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    As usual, Great work bro Proud feeling for the garage family
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    Hi, guys thanks the presnetation went pretty good, thanks for all your support, and big thanks to my director for helping me to get my presentation skills good , with out him it would have been really hard for me. And a lot thanks to darkest for all the humour he has added to the presentation .

    Anils and The_emptys presentation was epic, and I and all attendees really enjoyed it , it was a pretty impressive work and that there talk was one among the best in the Con. The live demos got them a lot of applause .

    Neos talk entertained a lot of hardware geeks and sec geeks equally.

    [Anant] was having the android village and dont need to say more he always rocks \m/

    [r3dsmoke] Won the Jailbreak, so overall it was a proud momment for us.

    [silent ] he made a very impressive and challenging move by making his first public talk in front of 100 s of audience, explaining his jail break experience.

    All over it was a very proud moment for all of us .

    Many thanks for the Null Members for giving us a chance in the venu.
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    Rahul's talk was one of the awesome talk i ever seen online/offline.... still remember the expressions of people came from banking sector when rahul showed SQLi through IVR...

    In Neo's talk on 2nd slide itself one of the guy from audience asked the question "Are you using TV remote control to change you slide?" (BANG HIT ON BULLS EYE... Target Achieved)

    R3dsmoke, Congrats on your win...

    Anant : i really surprised to see him giving his talk from his busy schedule and Android Village.

    Silent: i just loved your daring... its not that easy to talk in front of 100's of security professionals in the age of 20... but you did it...

    garage ruled nullcon this year...

    5 speakers
    3 members playing jailbreak (3 teams, 1 member in each)

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    Hi guys, big congrats to all ! Had so much to write that I thought it was fitting it be a blog entry Memoirs of Nullcon Goa 2012 - Hacking on beach - Blogs - Garage4hackers Forum

    Once again, cheers to all !
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    Hey all...!

    Congrats Guy's.This Garage rocks.\m/

    Have the slide's/video's of the presentation's come out.

    Do let me know if you come across any link's.

    Eager to see the guy's presentation.

    Once again, cheers to all !


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