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    Porting Public exploits to Metasploit.

    A gud write up on porting public exploits to Metasploit with examples.

    Porting public exploits into metasploit modules can be easy as putting the ruby code in the correct directory and firing up your favorite interface.

    Pratically,its rarely that simple,since you need to have the target application for testing,know enough Ruby to port it,understand the Metasploit API and be familiar with exploit development to boot.

    Read the whole article here:Porting Public Exploits to Metasploit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deepak Rathore View Post
    Ah ha .. so this Dis9 team has a history for plagiarism even before they plagiarised our content(Errata: BRK / Dis9 Team - Plagiarizer)

    And we missed it

    Okay let me report this to
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