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    network security

    wassap guys?

    its time to brush up my knowledge on network security.

    if you can help me out in that will be great

    thanks and regards
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    I am quite busy these day's, and in turn, every night leads me to a lazy ass. :b

    However, I just remember, a old article which will brush up a little. Its quite old, it about 5 years old one which I wrote :b but, still it will brush up skill at Networking Sec's.

    Converted Article, it was actually a post of mine :P

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    I intend this post to be applicable to all interested in network security. I am by no means an expert in network security. But being a starter too and knowing both faces of coin, I could probably guide you from my own mistakes so that you don't make them.

    Network security is a giant area. This is because it encompasses 2 aspects, unlike web application security. The 2 aspects are -->
    1. Network Configuring or network administrator aspect
    2. Developing applications and programs involving network computer science.

    At the very outset I should clear you that a hacker exploiting network security or a network security officer has to be expert in both the above. Though it is very rare that you would find the opportunity to study both in a single place.

    1. Networking configurations and administrator roles are things covered in CCNA like courses. To cover these things you can start by reading CCNA and other networking courses material available freely on Internet. You have tools like Cisco Packet Tracer , GNS3 which simulate the network hardware like routers, switches etc. on your computer.

    2. Computer Networks has a huge theory part which you have to study to grasp the things working behind the scene. These include routing algorithms, protocols, TCP/IP model, applications and working of internet. You can buy a good Computer Network book like Tanenbaum or Forouzan. The need to study this is that, gaining this knowledge, you would be able to use the security tools in networking domain more efficiently. Further, you may be able to code them according to your needs. Understanding of protocols will let you discover new vulnerabilities.

    So what is the catch ?

    People doing a course or having done a course, will seldom find both of the above points in 1 place. Example you are doing a CCNA course, it won't focus on the 2nd aspect much.

    Hence the ninja way -->
    Over the years, ninjas have mastered the art of fighting by working hard. Really hard.

    So here are a few pointers that may help you in the path of nirvana -->

    1. Set your basic concepts right. Grasp the working of TCP/IP and other application layer protocols.
    While studying theory, do analyze each topic in practical. For example you can study exchange of
    packets by wireshark. Or generate your own packets by using python scapy.

    2. Study attacks on network architectures

    3. Study weak points of network architechtures

    4. Study working and development of network tools like nmap, umit scanners, cain and abel,
    tcpdump,other packet sniffers,etc.

    5. Set up a lab environment and simulate various network attacks on it. Practice. Rinse. Repeat.

    6. Stay updated about latest developments. You know how
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    Hi I am newbie here. I am glad to be a part of this huge and unique platform. It is quite helpful for all of us. I also want to get a lot of information about network security. Through security we can protect our computer from cyber threats. I can collect a bundle of information through this platform.

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    congratulations to all newbies who are really interested in N\w sec.
    I won't give any suggestion as its been already provided by others. from my experience just remember if you are interested in n\w security then a point will come when you'll need to know about programming, web designing, databases etc. because everything will get interconnected at one stage. So, be ready to explore this field.
    All the best

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    I would suggest a simple thing for stating with Network Security.
    DO NOT start with any Book with title having word HACK
    Read pure Network books (like Computer Networks by Andrew S. Tanenbaum)
    Nothing helps in Network security more than the strong basics of Network / TCPIP
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