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    Question Mobile phone SIM unlocking - HTC Wildfire

    Hi Guys,

    I have this HTC Wildfire which I brought it from 3-network in UK. (Legally and fully paid, okay?)
    After coming here, I tried to change the sim card and switched to Vodafone and woah! Sim locked!
    I gave a call to 3 and they asked for payment receipt (which was apparently in my dust-bin once upon a time).
    So, a solution to call them up would be retard!
    Long story short.

    This is what I did.

    DFFR : Debug - Format - Re-Install approach

    I connected to my HTC Android phone and enabled debugging mode. Using few internet tools, I successfully acquired 'goldcard image' and flashed the ROM to a lower version of HBOOT which helped me run tools.
    So, I successfully flashed the BIOS - HBOOT (whtever it is called in Mobile) and later installed CM7 and cyanogenmod-GoogleApps.

    After few eternities of hardwork, I rebooted my machine (mobile)
    and there was this new fancy operating system and there was no more "3" flash screen.
    It all looked awesome!

    I rebooted again and this time, I inserted my SimCard and guess what? it asked me for unlock code.

    Logically, how the F is it possible that such thing is also there?
    Any suggestions? explanations?

    PS: I can easily buy an unlock code for 500rs :P but, I wish to get digging inside.
    31337 - 7H15 15 4n 4nn071ng!
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    I hunted all over the internet to get my phone unlocked. I used another site but the code never came through, i found this site i used live chat to confirm they had the code, i ordered and i got the ocde with 15 mins and it worked first time and it was the cheapest i found compared to other companies. check yourself
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